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Thursday, February 3, 2011

My First Week On Twitter! Reviewed

Hi Dolls and Kens!

So after an amazing State Of The Union Address by none other then the President of the United States, President Barack Obama, his speech inspired me to take full advantage of this social networking era that we live in and take it one step further. Now, while I've been talking about making a SN move for some reason, while watching the speech, I felt somewhat compelled to sign up and realized that I wanted to "Get in on the Conversation" to see what others thought of the speech. Subliminal Message? hummmm... not sure, but to my surprise, just 3 days later, I ran into a good friend of mine, and she joined Twitter the same day that I did and was ALSO inspired by President Barack Obama's State of the Union address. Anyone else?

Well, I already Blog, have a Facebook Page, LinkedIn account, tried fourSquare and am a member at Chictopia etc.  But what was missing?  TWITTER!
With its catchy simplistic approach, it allows users in 140 characters or less, to creatively express their thoughts or sentiments, promote their interest, events or business and even blast others.  Twitter allows people to connect in a way that we've never seen the likes of before.  Instantly with no fillers or fluff, it speaks to the animalistic inquisitive nature in us to know whats going on with others and somehow allows us to feel relevant that others want to know whats going on with us, which can be achieved in one simple word:  FOLLOW--ERS or --ING

With its FREE WILL approach, you get a glimpse into the thoughts of others without their approval or acceptance as a "Friend" or "Colleague".  Talk about #transparency right? (the # sign in front of the word is a Twitter thing...)

THE VERDICT:  Anyway, in light of ALL of that... simply put... so far... I LOVE TWITTER! or in Twitter lango:  #ilovetwitter.  Not sure why, there is no real rhyme or reason to it, I have a small amount of those that I am "Following" or "Followers" so far, but it's just fun to have an outlet to speech out loud (through typing of course) whenever I want, however I want, without being judged.  I can express my thoughts or promote my brand!  If people respond.. positive or negative, your words INSTANTLY become relevant.    interesting...

Do you Twitter?
What's the next step for Social Networking?  Will it crash and burn or live strong?

ps.  If you want to follow me, there is a link on the right scroll bar of this blog ;)


  1. Hi! This is an interesting post because I have been pondering the same thing. I too have a blog, on facebook, but twitter is missing. I don't know but for some reason I can't make the jump to it. I suppose I could use it for my biz purposes only but twitter to me just seem like alot of ramblings of folks peeking in on timelines and following just because with no real rhyme or reason. However after reading this I may make reconsider. As for if twitter has staying power we shall see--who knows another social networking site could be lurking in the shadows ready to take over. Will everyone then jump on to that too? Time will tell....

  2. @sassncurl - thanks! Come to the dark side :) Let me know if you do. I too thought the same of twitter. rambling (fluff...fluff) and antics, but it actually is a good sounding board for personal or biz. That's funny that you posed that question, bc I just tweeted that I wonder what the next big thing will be? Seems a lot of people are abandoning facebook and heading to twitter! My emails from Facebook have drastically dropped. Whoever creates the next SN site, I'm sure the masses will follow! SN sites have changed how people socially connect and there is no looking back at this point. A cultural phenomenon that has yet again made the world even smaller!



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