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You are what you deepest desire is. As is your desire, so is your intention. As is your intention, so is your will. As is your will, so is your deed. As is your deed, so is your destiny. ~Upanishads text.
What is your deepest desire?

Monday, December 12, 2011

Amazing Artist: SoHo NYC

This weekend while shopping in SoHo, NYC for my birthday, I came across the most amazing work by artist Isack Kousnsky. I also had the pleasure of meeting Isack, a very friendly, unassuming artist! Each piece was a breathtaking, captivating creation that had me speechless. His artwork captures moments in time of natures natural occurrences and amazing views of various landmarks with a colorful spin. I love discovering expressions of art.

Art gives you a glimpse into the soul and mind of its creator. When you find art that speaks to you on a deeper level, its soul stirring.

You can check out his work here: http://www.isack-art.com/

Here is a sample of Isack's work:
Central Park B&W with Pink, by Isack Kousnsky

I will be purchasing a piece in the near future! I am so excited!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Amazing Kale Chips Recipe!

1 bunch organic kale (cleaned and chopped to form "chips")

1 tablespoon olive oil
Sea salt
Fresh ground pepper
pinch of crushed red pepper

1.Preheat an oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Line a non insulated cookie sheet with parchment paper.

2.With a knife or kitchen shears carefully remove the leaves from the thick stems and tear into bite size pieces. Wash and thoroughly dry kale with a salad spinner. Drizzle kale with olive oil and sprinkle with sea salt, pepper and crusehd red pepper.

3.Bake until the edges of the kale are brown but are not burnt, 10 to 15 minutes.

and Viola!!!!

Did you try them?  What do you think?

Cabbage, Mango Smoothie... Who Knew!

Hi Everyone!

So... don't get scared now, but I have a new smoothie for you that I think you may like!  Its a combination of Cabbage, Mango, Grape and Lemon!

What you need:
1/2 head of cabbage
1 mango
1 cup of red or green grapes
Lemon (juice, pulp and zest)... I LOVE lemons!
*Mint leaves for garnish-- if you like the "extra" things in life as I do :)
*Honey or Coconut Secrets to sweeten if desired. 

What to do:
Blend the cabbage and water.  Add additional ingredients to your blender and blend until smooth.  (I use my Vitamixer).  Check out www.qvc.com to purchase the Vitamixer! Right now, its on Easy Pay so its a great time to get this on a payment plan!  Click here for the link: QVC

The next time I make this, I will take a picture.. in the meantime, enjoy this "simulated" pic of what it should look like! :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Heart Dis-ease, the Silent Killer?

Hello Everyone~

I came across this amazing video today by Dr. Crandall, a heart disease specialist.  Heart dis-ease is a silent killer for many.  This video gives some great advice on how to prevent heart dis-ease and heal yourself from heart dis-ease.

Dr. Chauncey Crandall is Chief of the Cardiac Transplant Program at the world-renowned Palm Beach Cardiovascular Clinic in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. and practices interventional, vascular, and transplant cardiology.  Dr. Crandall is known as the “Christian physician”, and has been heralded for his values and message of hope to all his heart patients.

Please take the time to listen in on the video by clicking here.  If may save your life or the life of your love one.

~in loving memory of Tyrone R. Mason (July 14, 1940- September 18, 2011)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Confessions of a Mascara Junkie: Part I

Hello:  My name is _______________ and I am a mascara junkie with no desire to recover.  Anyone else out there like this?  Well, if you are and if you are anything like me, you are always on the quest for your next best mascara fix.. the one that promises to lift, curl, volumizesstrengthen, thicken, define, separate... you know the drill.

Recently, I purchased this amazing mascara by Smashbox from Ulta AND it was 1/2 price during the week I purchased it.  Good deal right?   Anyway, any good mascara junkie knows that it's all about the brush AND the formula.  This mascara wins on both ends.  The mascara has a unique flexible dual brush and comb applicator. You can use the brush side to build and thicken, then follow with the comb side to define and lengthen.  The formula is an amazingly rich highly pigmented black that last the duration of the day.  It literally coats your lash in one swoop.  After that, I go back and seperate with the comb side.

My SCORE for this mascara is:  5 STARS

Hyperlash Mascara

TIP:  Use Christian Dior mascara primer as a base coat.

Good Luck and happy lashing! 

Shoes, Shoes and More Shoes!

Ok, so if you know me, you know about my love for SHOE's... and not just any shoes, but nicely crafted, artistic, sophisticated shoes!  One of my favorite Italian designers is Casadei.   This stilleto pump by Casadei is a thing of beauty!

Check out these AMAZING black suede pumps by Casadei:

This is a classic style with an amazing air of elegance.  The shoe also comes in black patent and blue suede.

What do you think?  Definitely one to add to my life ....  :)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ron Kardashian: A New Fitness Icon?

Hi guys!  If  you read my previous post about Ron Kardashian, then you will be excited to hear what's new for this growing health and fitness icon!  I've followed his career for a while now and am excited about what he has coming down the pipeline!

In case you don't know, Ron Kardashian is a Celebrity Life Coach,  passionate corporate speaker and fitness authority.  Not to mention... he's  HOT :), his message of physical, mental, spiritual and financial health are worth looking at and paying attention too!  His ideals are very similar to mine and its always exciting to hear about others who are on the same or a similar path as yours.  Ron has a new book called "Ron Kardashian's 30 Second Solution".  Endorsed by TD Jake's who says, Ron... "Introduces readers to NEW breakthrough information for transforming old patterns into dramatic turnarounds for those who want to derive purpose and more satisfaction form life.", this book is on my MUST READ list.  I am excited to give it a whirl.

Have you read it yet? Heard about it? any thoughts?  I will give a book review on this soon!
Ron Kardashian's 30-Second Solution: Transform Your Body, Business, Relationships, and Life in Just Seconds at a Time

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Kardashian Kollection at Sears: Top Picks

So, last week, I visited Sears, one of the oldest retailers in American history... Walmat and Target got their start because of stores likes Sears, soooooo DON't sleep on them :)

As a kid growing up, my grandparents just LOVED Sears and they went there for everything from tires for the car, to clothes, washers and dryers, toaster ovens to fine jewelry.. you name it, Sears carried it! I think Sears lost a wee bit of their finese in the 90's and early 00's, but after my recent visit to Sears from the lure of the Kardashian sisters new klothing line, the Kardashian Kollection, I would say that Sears is defininitely stepping it up! 

The line reaches a rather interesting demographic... young tweens, college students, professionals looking for "fun" clothes and mature divas!  

Anywho, in my review, I really adore the style brought to Sears with the new "store within a store" koncept, with the larger the life size posters, black chandaliers, red potted roses, red carpet and black logo hangers 

My top pics and purchases from the kollection are...

Kardashian Kollection Leopard dress with lace overlay:

As seen on Kim Kardashian on David Letterman

I'm a sucker for animal print.. :/   .....for GOOD animal print!  It can't be too busy, or too cheap.  This makes the mark. What do you think?

Black Blazer with Lace back and sleeve

Lace see-through Shirt and matching skirt!

Seen here on Kourtney Kardashian. Pink lace Kardashian Kollection Shirt
 There are tons of other great pieces that I plan to add to my Kollection (sorry.. can't help the "K" fever) for the fall!

I must admit, these girls know how to SELL SELL SELL... Thee last several days, they've ditching their high-end desginer digs and replaced them with clothes from their OWN line... Marketing 101: best way to market your product?  USE/WEAR it yourself, don't just endorse it!  Way to go ladies...

My only dismay was the sizing seemed a bit off?  Anyone else experience this?  I think because of the dempgraphic, perhaps they tried to combine, juniors-misses-petite-women's sizes all into one line.  I DID have to go up a size on a few pieces from my normal size.

Next review... Kohl's for JLo's collection...  Celebrity mini-lines in reasonbly prices stores are definitely trending now...

Did anyone else purchase?  What's your fav?

Thursday, September 1, 2011

BNIO Fitness Outdoor Boot Camp Commercial

Hello all! I just wanted to share some footage with you from my BNIO Fitness Boot Camp!  Fall Session begins Wednesday, 9/7!  Hope to see you there.  Please contact me for details.

People are seeing amazing results!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Beyonce- Baby Bump Revealed at VMA's 2011 during Live Performance

Well, to all of the Beyonce fans, the rumors are true! B & J are expecting their first child as revealed by Beyonce, a supporter of the Let's Move Campaign, during her life performance at the MTV's VMA's last night in LA.

Congrats to Beyonce, an amazing performer who will know now conquer motherhood!

Check out the performance and the Beyonce's Baby Bump reveal below:

Get More: 2011 VMA, Music, Beyoncé

Friday, August 12, 2011

BNIO Fitness Presents....

WRAP in the City Party!

Join me if you want to de-tox and LOSE INCHES of Fat NOT Water that STAY's off....Lift, TIGHTEN and TONE a part of your body ie. abs, legs, thighs, arms, face, chin, neck
…all within 45 minutes!!

Date: Saturday, August 27th from 4pm-6pm

What: “WRAP in the City Party!”

My de-tox body slimming wrap is a GREAT compliment (with proven results) to your exercise routine and healthy lifestyle! Not there yet? No Worries…This is a great way to JUMP-Start your NEW healthy lifestyle and lose inches in the process!

Join me and get wrapped in this all natural based de-tox slimming body WRAP* for only $30 -or- just come to talk to me about how itWorks!

Drinks and Light Fare will be served.

Want to bring a friend? No problem! Sign them up as well!

RSVP  in the comments section below or on facebook: www.facebook.com/BNIOFitness

Want more info? visit: http://www.bniofitness.itworks.net/

*Wrap application will be done in private.

***Spaces are limited.*** ***Please confirm your attendance AND/OR desire to Wrap during the party by Monday 8/22/2011 so that I will have a wrap available for you.***

Let me help you get your sexy back!

Mini Booty Boot Camp in 10 minutes!

Mini Booty Boosting Boot Camp Workout
which you can complete in 10 minutes!

The buns are complex, made up of 3 key muscles, the Maximus (top/major ), Meduis (middle/side) and Minimus (bottom). Whether you are a Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced levels, I've put together a

MINUTES 0-1:00:  Warm-up
  • Jumping Jacks with alternationg front kicks
MINUTES 1:00- 2:00:  Reverse Lunge Right Leg
  • Stand with legs hip width apart, arms at your side.
  • Reach one foot behind you like you are taking the first step if walking backwards and drop your knee, hands on hips. (Pretend I'm standing above you with a string and drop straight down center, core tight)
  • Push off with the heel of the opposite leg (this is the secret!).
  • Alternate counts of down 1 up 1 and down 3 up 3.
  • Be sure to keep your back firmly upright and straight throughout this exercise.
MINUTES 2:00- 3:00: Reverse Lunge Left Leg
  • see above

MINUTES 3:00-4:30:  Arabesque
  • Stand with feet hip-width apart, right arm reaching toward ceiling.
  • Extend right leg back and lift 5 to 7 inches, knee facing floor and toes pointed.
  • Lower and repeat 15 times.
  • Alternate right and left side 15 times each.
MINUTES 4:30-5:00: Rest and stretch!

MINUTES 5:00-7:00: Front Kick with Squat
  • With feet shoulder-width apart, squat down 90 degrees.
  • Stand, lifting right leg to hip height at side.
  • Hold for 3 counts, then kick forward and come down.
  • Repeat 15 times on same leg then switch legs.
MINUTES 7:00-8:00: Standing Leg Toe Taps
  • With feet shoulder-width apart, stand firm on one leg.
  • raise the right leg to hip height and lower tapping toes to the ground
  • count down 2 and up 2.
  • Repeat 30 times on each leg.
MINUTES 8:00-9:00:  Straight Leg Deadlifts
  • Stand with feet wide apart, your toes pointing out, and your hands clasped together in front of you.
  • Slight bend in knees and henge forward from your hips.
  • Make sure you keep your lower back straight and your head raised.
  • Push back at the hips and out with the butt, reach back between your legs and stick your butt out and up, until your hamstrings reach maximum. (Try to bring your knees as close to your chest as possible.)
  • Slowly return to starting position with weight in your heels.
  • Repeat
MINUTES 9:00-10:00:  Stretch! and you're done!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ear Drama, Stacey Dash on Single Ladies!

If you are in to the new era in television program... not quite reality, not quite drama, but a mix of the two worlds- where real stars play themselves, real designers are featured and there's tons of drama, then perhaps you've caught a glimpse at VH1's new series produced by Queen Latifa, "Single Ladies".  In a recent of the hit show starring Stacey Dash (Clueless) and Lisa Raye (The Player's Club), you may have noticed the "Ear Drama" on Stacey Dash who plays the sassy and independent yet emotionally sensitive character Val, at the closing bar scene.

Val,  played by Stacey Dash worn some pretty cool and super haut sparkling crystal and feather earrings by Bebe


In the show, the feathers were black instead of blue.  What do you think?   Epic Win or Epic Fail? 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Reebok Easy Tone Capri Pants: My New Clothing Crush!

Hi dolls! Amazing summer, calls for an amazing outdoor workout, which calls for amazing workout clothing.. hence my latest workout Clothing CrushReebok Easy Tone Capri Pants!  I came across these the other day while shopping for some new workout gear.  As a trainer, I workout about 6 days a week, so I need some good sturdy workout clothes!

The store didn't have my size in stock so I had to special order it.  However, I was able to try on a larger size, and although to big, the pants were still a great fit! I love the extra compression in the thighs. The pants have Resistone bands to create resistance as you move. They are designed to tone and strengthen the lower body muscles and improve posture and body alignment.  The claimed results remain to be seen... but in the meantime, the pants are really cute and stylish and have "back pockets" and a "zipper" so they look really fly.  The price point ranges from $65-$85.  Look out for my reviews of the pants coming soon!

Eva Mendez, brand ambassador for Reebok Easy Tone

Back view of Reebok EasyTone Capri

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Want a Quickie... Workout?

Got 10 minutes?  Jump start your morning with this 10 minute exercise routine. Its quick and easy, gets  your metabolism going for the day and you can do it right in your home!

Start your morning with a full body stretch routine seen here:

Then... Go right into your workout!

NEED:  Water, Kettlebell and a mat 

Do each exercise for 50 seconds, taking a 10 second break inbetween each exercise:

Exercise 1:  Jumping jacks (gets your cardio going!)

Exercise 2: Squats

Exercise 3:  Mountain Climbers  (add a twist to intensify)

Exercise 4:  Kettlebell 1 arm swing with right arm  (bell in one hand, other arm out to your side.  Be sure your swing is controlled and pop up using your hips.  Once bell is at eye level, return to a swing.)

Exercise 5:  Kettlebell 1 arm swing with left arm  (bell in one hand, other arm out to your side. Be sure your swing is controlled and pop up using your hips. Once bell is at eye level, return to a swing.)

Exercise 6:  Jumping Jacks

Exercise 7:  Plank  (down on your elbows and toes, butt low and hold!)

Exercise 8:  1 leg lunge right leg (step back with one leg and start on your toes. drop straight down from your center as if someone has a string over your head. Be sure that your knee and ankle are parallel and knee stays behind your toes.)

Exercise 9:  1 leg lunge left leg (step back with one leg and start on your toes. drop straight down from your center as if someone has a string over your head.  Be sure that your knee and ankle are parallel and knee stays behind your toes.)

Exercise 10: Jackknives (lay flat on back and bring arms and one leg to center of body for a crunch. Lower leg and repeat with opposite leg)

How did you do?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Praying for your Health?

Are YOU praying for your health?  If you are, then you are not alone!  More and more people are taking their health concerns to the Creator, to God...

I discuss with my clients and in seminars that being FIT and HEALTHY is a lot deeper then what we see physically.  There is a deeper connection between the Body, Mind and Spirit then what is visible to the naked eye.  Finding the connecting is an exciting experience!  If you are spiritually lead, it makes logical sense to seek guidance and direction from God regarding your health.

Historically, many churches and society promote financial wealth and prosperity, monetary manifestations, large homes, cars and lavish vacations but what good is all of this if you are not in good health?

Many pastors, priest, bishops and church leaders are starting to promote good health to their congregations.  I have personally held seminars for church groups and lead group exercise sessions in morning worship services to bring awareness to health and fitness to individuals and church families.  I believe that your body, your temple, is a temporary vessel that houses your Spirit.  You are deeper then what you see physically.  The purpose of your body is to manifest the Spirit.  If your physical man is not at an optimal level, then your mental man is in disarray and your Spirit cannot properly manifest itself in our world.  (check out my previous post on the Secret of Successful Leaders)

According to a study published by the American Psychological Association in the May issues of the APA journal of Psychology of Religion and Spirituality (the "Study"), praying for health issues increased by 36 percent between 1999 to 2007, with a large increase post 9-11.

The correlation?
--People who experience a decline in personal health or see health decline/tradgedy in others are more likely to turn to prayer to cope with the changing circumstances in their lives and surroundings.  Prayer is also a common coping resource for those with recent improvements in their health as people tend to pray gratuitous prayers.  70% of cancer survivors reported recent prayers during their illness and after their recovery according to the Study.  Most people tend to turn to pray AFTER they have been diagnosed or AFTER they get better.  In general, according to the Study, individuals who use positive religious coping techniques such as prayer, have both improved perceived mental and physical health as well as improved objectively measured health outcomes.

However, I think ALWAYS praying for good health*, giving thanks for good health and praying for guidance and direction for living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle should be part of your daily prayer and not just during and after healing but PRIOR to illness or health issues.  
TIPS for DAILY PRAYER FOR GOOD HEALTH, for you and your love ones:

Tip 1:  Pray for protection and good physical, mental and spiritual health daily.
Tip 2:  Give thanks for your present state of good health as a preventive measure.
Tip 3:  Pray for recovery back to a good healthy balance.
Tip 4:  Use prayerful meditation to cope with existing circumstances.

Any other tips?  Do you pray for your health?

Article of Reference:  National Trends in Prayer use as a Coping Mechanism for Health Concerns: Changes from 2002-2007

*My reference to health in this article refers to good health of the internal and external body, the mind and the spirit. 

*** My Prayer:  Lord, teach me how to pray and what to pray for.   Guide my steps, minster to my Spirit.***

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Colors of Gucci, Summer 2011 Fun!

Summer really brings out the colors doesn't it!?  This season, Gucci  definitely did not disappoint, showcasing some really bold colors on the runway.  This darling number by Gucci, graced the cover of Vogue Paris back in Feb. 2011 and is beginning to translate into "real time" as a few celebs have worn it.  Do you plan to rock any of these vibrant colors this summer?  I'm a HUGE fan of orange, turquoise, green and purple so I plan to rock these colors!

Here are a few pics:

Lara Stone Gucci Vogue Paris February 2011 Cover

Here are a few celebs in the outfit in a couple variations of it:

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian in Orange and Purple, gold belted Gucci
JHud in Gucci

Camilla Belle in Gucci

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer Beauty Tip! Protect Your Skin...

Yep! It's here... almost.. at least the weather says so...ahhhhh... blissful SUMMER!

Here are a few Tips to Protect Your Skin During the Hot Summer Months!

#1:  Mix 100% Raw Whipped Cocoa Butter with Sunblock

I've been using this little beauty secret for years! Mix 100% Raw whipped cocoa butter with sun screen for a warm summer golden glow!

All you need is:
1 part  100% Raw Whipped Cocoa Butter
2 parts natural Sun Screen

Results?   ... golden sun-kissed, protected skin!

#2  Stay hydrated!  During the hot summer months, its crucial to stay hydrated.  Over 60% of Americans are dehydrated. So make sure you drink lots of water.  In addition to water, ditch the sugary energy drinks and substitute them with pure natural coconut water.   My favorite brand is Zico.
Coconut water is packed with potassium and builds your electrolytes for rapid hydration and replenishment!

#3  Get a Big Hat and Shades!   Hats are sooooo much fun and very chic in the summer.  In addition, the wide rim provides protection for your face from the sun.  So.... glam up dolls!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Bird Nesting @ My Home! A-Mazing

So... for the last 5 summers that I've been living in my first home (I bought right before the housing market surged), I've been blessed to have a dear visitor each year!

I haven't quite figured out what species this years bird is but she's beautiful! 
She's gray with a blue tail and blue "eyeliner". 
Of course my bird would HAVE to be a diva! :) 
Maybe she sensed my "house vibe" to make her temporary home? I digress...

Now each year, a new life manages to make their way to my home and build a nest on top of my light positioned to the left of my front door to bring new life into this world... A-Mazing, if I must say so myself!  What's sooooo amazing to me is the light where the birds have built the nest is about 6" by 6" and is circular!  The nest has been there for 5 years (I never touched or moved it) and it stood through snow storms, hail and other environmental elements.  Each year a new bird builds on top of it making it their very own) and its still standing strong.

June Jet, (YES, I named my bird) has been nesting for about 3 weeks so far.  I accidentally scared her off one evening about 2 1/2 weeks ago when I was leave out of the house. I opened my automatic umbrella... guess it sounded like a gun shot to her and she took off!  I couldn't sleep that night and thought she wouldn't return.  ...yes, I know...a bit much... but what can I say?  I'm a compassionate person- even with nature.   Anywho, to my great comfort, the next morning June had returned and then she officially received her last name... "Jet".  June because I estimated her babies should be here in June and Jet because she took off flying and I thought I lost her! 

My story of June Jet makes me think of the classic piece Summertime, composed by George Gershwin for the opera Porgy and Bess:

And the livin' is easy
Fish are jumpin'
And the cotton is high

Your daddy's rich
And your mamma's good lookin'
So hush little baby
Don't you cry

One of these mornings
You're going to rise up singing
Then you'll spread your wings
And you'll take to the sky

But till that morning
There's a'nothing can harm you
With daddy and mamma standing by

Well... I'll post a pic soon of June Jet at her nest and hopefully I will have some pics of June and the babies once their eggs hatch....


Ironically: June Jet that was the name of my favorite doll growing up!


Hello! I know its been a few weeks since I last posted!  So many exciting things going on and so much good stuff to post about! .. good stuff on the way...!

In the meantime, have you had a chance to check out "The Rose Lounge"?  The Rose Lounge is my new show which will feature various topics from fitness, holistic health, recipes and much more to help you find or maintain YOUR individual balance towards being Beautiful Naturally, Inside and Out!

Have an Amazing Day!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Strawberries and Romaine!?

My latest craze.....

I'm sure you're used to hearing "strawberries and chocolate" together, or "strawberries and cream" as companion foods, but strawberries and romaine lettuce... in a smoothie.....

a "Strawberry and Romaine Lettuce Smoothie"? I must be kidding right?  Nope!  I'm not kidding you...  If you like strawberries and romaine lettuce, then you must try this delicious treat! This smoothie is super easy to make and is packed with tons of nutrients! 

Sharron's Strawberry and Romaine Smoothie

I just take a.......
1/2 cup a strawberries
1 bunch of organic romaine lettuce (organic baby mixed romaine leaves or a head of red or green organic romaine works as well)
1 cup of purified water/reverse osmosis water or coconut water
juice of 1/2 lemonBlend all ingredients, garnish with a strawberry and mint leave and serve!  .... Viola!

TIP:  Blending raw foods breaks the food down to a cellular level allowing for maximum nutrient absorption.

In case you DON'T know...
Strawberries are high in Vitamin C, Fiber, Folate and Potassium.  They are also mildly anti-inflammatory (provided you are not allergic to them.)
Although Romaine Lettuce is not a dark leafy green, don't sleep on this green!  Believe it or not, its packed with protein with 7.7 grams per head. It is also a complete protein! That means that it has all 8 essential amino acids.

Romaine Lettuce is also rich in:  Calcium- One head of romaine has 206mg of calcium; Omega-3s; Vitamin C; Iron (apx. 6mg per head); B-vitamins: B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and B9 and contains water. One head of romaine provides 16% of your daily water needs with about 20 ounces of water per head!
Its also a rich source of vitamins A and K, is low in oxalic acid and contains copper, magnesium, potassium and zinc.

drink up!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My "IT" Dress Pick of the Day!

Hi dolls!

So, how fabulous is this dress from the late designer Alexander McQueen's house:

Alexander McQueen Engineered 3D Koi Jacquard Knit Dress
 If you can find it, (its sold out on McQueen's site) this dress will set you back about a cool $1,500 USD.  Awww.. the price we pay for fashion! right?  The dress is described as "flesh and ivory" in color.  I would pair this with this simple, yet sexy Christian Louboutin Pigalle 120 Nude Pump:

Here is a pic of the shoes in nude as seen on Rhiana:

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Rose Lounge: Episode 1

Hi All!
Check out Episode #1 of
"The Rose Lounge"

I hope you enjoy! Please be sure to tune in for future episodes and sign up for my YouTube Channel on the right hand side of my blog.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Introducing... the ROSE LOUNGE!

Hello Everyone!

When you get the opportunity, please check out my latest video!  I  am introducing a new show called

"the Rose Lounge"

Each episode of the Rose Lounge will feature a different topic that relates to a lot of the topics I cover on my blog!  Please check out the vid here and please subscribe to my youtube channel via the link on the ride side of my blog!.....

I hope you tune in for each episode of "the Rose Lounge".  I have some really exciting topics and I hope you enjoy.

Friday, April 29, 2011

#LetsMove! is the New 'Black'!

Let's Move! 2 simple words but a HUGE crusade in the right direction. The formula is pretty simple.  Take an A-List Celeb, with several iconic hits who's dance moves and routines have been emulated by several fans and turn one of her hit songs into a dance video to get adolescents (and people of all ages) to get moving and fight obesity!  Beyonce Knowles “Let’s Move! Flash Workout” is gaining tons of momentum!  Check it out here:

Are you moving yet? I'm sure there will be other celebs on board pretty soon! With dynamic leaders such as Mayor Cory Booker of Newark, NJ, musicians such as Master P and countless other athletes, the LetsMove Campaign is taking the US by storm!

Actually, I was asked, as part of First Lady Michelle Obama's LetsMove! campaign to present a "surprise" workout session at my home church during Sunday morning worship service this Sunday May 1st! I'm really excited and plan to really make it the best 5-10 minute workout ever as part of the "Let's Move Faith and Communities" challenge by First Lady Michelle Obama back in November 2010 to churches.

Since this challenge was made, the White Houses' faith-based offices have been recruiting converts for the nutrition crusade. The executive director of the White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, Joshua DuBois, has been a huge pusher for Let’s Move! In addition, Max Finberg, the director of the Center for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships at the U.S. Department of Agriculture, has joined with John Kelly—the strategic adviser for faith-based and neighborhood partnerships at the Corporation for National and Community Service (a federal agency)—to launch the National Anti-Hunger and Opportunity Corps. The organization is sending new AmeriCorps volunteers to urban and rural areas across the country, where they will work closely with churches and community groups to fuel the campaign.

Are you MOVING?  ...What are you waiting for?  ...#letsmove

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Beyoncé + Michelle Obama= a #LetsMove hit!

What do you get when you cross an A-List fit Celebrity's song with the fit First Lady of the US? A HIT!!!

Beyoncé Knowles does it again as she's onboard with First Lady Michelle Obama's Lets Move campaign, againts childhood obesity. Beyonce re-recorded her hit "Get Me Bodied" to "Move your Body".  Here is the song with an amazing dance team doing all the moves! This is a great inititive and its gaining more and more steam every day!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Refresh Your Gym Bag.. with Natural Ingredients!

Whether your hitting the gym, fitness classes, the yoga studio or the great outdoors to workout this spring, you need to be sure to disinfect your gym bag and its contents!

Need an all natural tip to help keep the germs away?  Try this:

Make your own Essential-Oil-Infused Disinfectant Spray

All you need is:
  •  a small spray bottle
  • lavender essential oil
  • tea tree oil
Fill the Spray bottle with distilled, spring or purified water, add 2 drops of tea tree oil and 1 drop of lavender oil and viola!  With its anti-fungal, antibacterial and tension relieving properties, this winning combination will keep the germs at bay, while giving your gym bag a fresh scent and can help to relax you after a workout in the process!  Keep this bottle in your gym bag so you can spray and wipe your gym stuff immediately after use.  This solution is perfect for cleaning the inside of your bag, your yoga mat, shoes, hat etc. which can all be a breading ground for germs.

TIP:  With essential oils, a little bit goes a long way!  So what if you spend a little extra on the concentrated oil.... it will last you forever!   Lavender and Tea tree oil are among the essentials that I have in my home....

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hit or Miss? Kat Von D Painted Love Lipstick from Sephora

Kat Von D

The controversial, yet calm tattoo artist, reality-TV star, and owner of High Voltage Tattoo, Kat Von D from hit show "La Ink" has expanded her brand from extreme tattoo designs, rich with vibrant color to a seamless transition into bright colored, edgy make-up.  The look combines old-Hollywood glamour with a rock 'n' roll vibe!  Two extreme ends of the spectrum right?  How do those two worlds cross?  Nowadays, any hybrid is possible!  This master of the tattoo machine has proven that she is also masterful with a makeup brush. 

If you looking for something that is outside of the box and edgy, but is still mature, grown and classy without the glitter and high shine of most make-up's today, I would recommend you try it....

Ok, so... I'm trending Orange lipstick right now... and specifically, Kat Von D's Painted Love Lipstick in A-Go-Go!  the color is a reddish-coral with a blue undertone.  Can I just say... wait for it .... yes......

It's a HIT for me...
This was literally, one of the most beautiful lipstick colors (as far as out of the box colors go) that I've ever purchased and the color last very long, similar to Ruby Woo by Mac.  When you think of orange lips, you normally would not associate them with Super Gorg, but A-Go-Go lipstick by Kat Von d is a hit!  I wore this on yesterday with a pale peach blush from Smashbox (that palette is now discontinued) and received tons of compliments.   

ok, so I'm sold and will most probably have to try a few more things from her collection!   Have you tried anything? Any suggestions?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Jennifer Hudson Delivers on 'Dancing with the Stars'

Jennifer Hudson, or "JHud" as she's been crowned, has a lot to be thankful for these days!  Although she suffered a family tragedy, she is now shining as pure gold with her new husband, a beautiful son, a new amazing figure and a new hit album which currently holds a steady #8 on the Billboard charts!  She just keeps getting better and better and has kept her momentum going with a dazzling performance on "Dancing with the Stars" on April 12, 2011.

She performed her new very motivational single, (a possible new anthem--for me at least) 'Don't Look Down' and an amazing rendition of Nina Simone's hit, 'Feeling Good'.  Both songs had the audience on their feet, and I'm sure the viewers at home could concur... her performance was AWE-some!

What do you think?  Check it out here...

Our mission is in our 'misery'.  Enjoy your journey and don't view it as good or bad, just "as it is".  Your journey is not about you, its about the others who you bless along the way.  --Me (~_~)


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