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You are what you deepest desire is. As is your desire, so is your intention. As is your intention, so is your will. As is your will, so is your deed. As is your deed, so is your destiny. ~Upanishads text.
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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Top Five hair oils

Hey dolls, 

Here are my Top 5 pics for natural hair oils....

#1. 100% Pure Coconut Oil-- Coconut oil has great strengthening qualities for your hair.
#2. Vatika Oil-- The base of this oil is coconut oil and it is enriched with Lemon, Amla, Henna and 22 other herbs.
#3. Wild Hair Growth-- This has a base of olive oil, coconut oil and jojoba oil and is enriched with other herbs.
#4. Brahmi oil by Ramtirth-- The base is coconut oil and it is enriched with Brahmi oil and 22 other herbs.
#5. Amla Oil-- Aids in encouraging hair growth, this has a base of vegetable oil. (I am currently looking for an Amla oil that has a Coconut oil base. If not, I plan to make my own at home!)

All of these products can be found at Amazon.com. I've purchased all of them and they are great products.   Feel free to check them out... the beauty of this is that NONE of these oils are expensive and they far supersede some of the expensive products that are currently on the market in my opinion.   As usual, you can add essential oil to the oil if you want to alter the smell! 

Monday, August 30, 2010

How To Henna Video Tutorial!

As promised, here is a tutorial on how to mix henna for your hair.

Books of Interest


These are a couple books I just purchased from Amazon! I really love to read and gain knowledge from various sources and cultures.  I am really looking forward to reading both of these books.  Other People's Habits was recommended to me by a friend, who happens to be a minister.  I stumbled upon How God Changes Your Brain while at my holoistic doctor's office.  It was featured in Oprah's "O" Magazine.  I will give my reviews soon!  Happy reading! 

DiorShow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum

DiorShow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum

I just purchased DiorShow Max lash plumping serum from Sephora and I love it! This really does what it claims! My lashes look super full, curled and lengthened and are a great compliment to my full brows and full natural hair--- thanks to henna and no more chemicals in my hair. I recommend giving this product a try. The price point is reasonable for high end make-up as well.

Beauty Beat: Kinky-Curly Hair Products Hit Target

Beauty Beat: Kinky-Curly Hair Products Hit Target

Great News! Target is adding kinky curly products to its roster of Natural Products! Try it if you can. This product works GREAT for holding natural curls and naturally curly styles!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Top 5 Reasons to eat Oatmeal: The Truth About Oatmeal

This is my morning breakfast!

Not all oatmeal is created equal. When chosing oatmeal, be sure to read the ingredients on the box. My personal favorite and top oatmeal recommendation is Nature's Path Organic Oatmeal, No Sugar Added. Its just a purrganic blend of oats and sea salt... no extra additives and preservatives that we don't need. for breakfast, I simply add hot water (you can add warm milk to make more creamy), raisins (occasionally walnuts) and cinnamon. It's very filling and very good for you too!


#1--Oatmeal is a good source of soluble and insoluble fiber. The soluble fiber slows digestion, making you feel fuller longer result in help with controlling weight. In addition, for diabetics--- specifically the soluble fiber slows the digestion of starch, avoiding sharp rises in blood sugar levels.
#2-- Oatmeal may help lower cholesterol according to several studies.
#3-- The fibers found in oatmeal may reduce the risk of certain cancers.
#4-- Oatmeal is a good source of protein, vitamin e and several other nutrients.
#5-- Budget conscious meal!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Top Three Homemade Hot Oil Treatments

100% Natural hot oil treatments for hair growth

#1 -- For hair growth
8 drops of Rosemary essential oil
2oz of Jojoba oil
2oz of Almond oil
Warm towel
Plastic cap

#2 -- For hair growth and also for clear scalp
3 drops of lavender essential oil
6 drops of Neem oil*
1/2 cup/(4oz) of Coconut oil
1 teaspoon of Brahmi oil
Warm towel
Plastic cap

#3 -- For hair growth and also for soft, manageable frizz free hair
1/2 cup/(4oz) olive oil
3 drops of sweet orange essential oil
Warm towel
Plastic cap

How to use: For each recipe above, combine all ingredients in a small plastic bag and place bag in a cup of hot water for 1 minute. Remove the bag from water and test temperature of the oil. Cut hole in the corner of the plastic bag and slowly apply the oil to dry hair from scalp to roots massaging in for a minimum of 1 minute. Cover the hair in plastic cap and cover with a warm towel. Let sit for 30 minutes minimum. Rinse hair with shampoo (2 times to get oil out) and continue normal hair regiment.

*Ingesting neem is not always safe. Consult a physician if you are pregnant or trying to conceive prior to use for optimal precautions.

Three Reasons Why Black Women Are Losing Hair - Essence.com

Three Reasons Why Black Women Are Losing Hair - Essence.com

This was a great article that I read this morning from Essence.com. It an interview with Dr. Kari Williams, Founder of Mahogany Hair Revolution Salon & Trichology Clinic in Los Angeles. She gives some really good tips on reason for hair lose and what to avoid. As you know, I am a natural girl (no chemicals) since January 2009. My hair is the healthiest that its been since senior year in high school when I first got a relaxer.

Monday, August 23, 2010

How to Henna Hair and How to Dye Gray Hair Black with Indigo

Happy Monday!

(Does anyone have a case of the Monnn-day's? -- Office Space)

Well, I hope your weekend was well. I had a phenomenal weekend. This Saturday, as promised, I put Henna and Indigo in my Mom's hair and the results are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Below is my step by step process on how to apply henna and how to apply indigo to your hair. My mother so graciously agreed to be my client and model! Please let me know if you have any additional questions!

What you need:

100 grams of Henna
2 Cups of hot water (not boiling)
4 bags of Green Tea
2 tablespoons of honey
2 tablespoons of olive oil
Essential oil of your choice (sweet orange, lavender, vanilla etc.)
Plastic gloves (4 pairs if you plan to do Indigo as well)
Plastic cap
rattail comb
mixing spoon
Application brush (optional)

*Recipe based on 100 grams of Henna. Double for longer hair.

Add the green tea to the hot water and let cool. (apx 15 minutes)

Pour henna into a plastic bowl.

STEP 3: Slowly add the green tea to the henna and mix. You will get the consistency of mashed potatoes.

Add 2 tablespoons of olive oil and mix. Texture of henna mix will smooth out and have added shine!

Add 10-15 drops of Essential oil to desired smell is achieved.

Add 2 tablespoons of honey to henna mix. Texture will be super smooth. Let sit while washing your hair.

Wash hair so that it's nice and clean. DO NOT condition your hair at this point.

Comb down hair and divide into 4 sections.

Starting at the back of the hair -at the nap of the neck, take a small section of hair and begin to apply the henna. Be sure to smooth the henna into the hair, so it coats every strand. Work your way to the front of the hair, while applying the henna so that it flows towards the back of your head.

STEP 10:
Once hair is completely covered with henna, place a plastic cap and/or wrap hair with plastic wrap. (This will keep the henna warm.)

STEP 11:
Let henna stay in your hair for a minimum of 2 hours.

STEP 12:
Thoroughly rinse henna from hair. Use conditioner to aid in removing all henna from the hair. NOTE: I use Aubrey Organics HoneySuckle Rose conditioner or Neutrogena daily conditioner which is very soothing.

If you wish to just Henna your hair, STOP HERE!
NOTE: You will need to add a deep conditioner to your hair at this point and let sit for a minimum of 30 minutes. If you wish to apply Indigo to your hair for a darker color... KEEP GOING.....

PART II ... INDIGO APPLICATION. ***Indigo will dye hair any color from dark brown to black, depending on how long you leave in your hair.***

STEP 13: Pour indigo powder into a bowl and slowly add water until the indigo turns to a paste.

STEP 14:
IMMEDIATELY after mixing, begin to apply the indigo to your hair in the same way in which you applied the henna in STEP 9 above.

STEP 15: Make sure that Indigo completely covers all of your hair for full saturation of color. Once Indigo is in hair, cover head with a plastic bag.

For brown hair: Leave in for 15-20 minutes
To achieve dark brown hair: Leave in for 30-40 minutes
To achieve black hair: Leave in for 45-50 minutes
To achieve jet black hair: Leave in for 1 hour or more




HAIR AFTER INDIGO,STYLED: NOTE-- There is ZERO Gray left. The picture shows a reflection of light.

This was really fun and my Mom and I absolutely LOVE the results! I am very pleased! This will take quite a few hours of your day so make sure you set aside some time, but its well worth it! Any henna or indigo stories/questions? Do share....

Friday, August 20, 2010

Kajal Intense Kohl Eyeliner by Guerlain

For all of my "Sex and the City" fans, I'm sure you remember the infamous marketplace scene from the 2nd Movie when Carrie purchased the dark Kohl eyeliner (along with the SHOES) and then wore the intensely amazing eyeliner that night when she went out with Aidan. WELL.. of course, being the makeup junkie that I am :) I went to ol' trusty eBay and found the eyeliner that she purchased in the marketplace and ordered it! I got 6 tubes for like $3.14 plus shipping.... great deal right? Well, the eyeliner was really dark and deep, but I was little fearful of the reviews I read on the possibilities of lead poisoning from certain kohl liners. Needless to say, I've discontinued use on a daily basis.

HOWEVER, while in my travels, I did find a neat alternative. Guerlain Cosmetics has a spin on this eyeliner for all of us searching for that PERFECT intense dark kohl eye. It's Terracotta Khôl Kajal Intense Indian Kohl. Its a bit more expensive then 6 kohl's for $3.14, but it is lead free, so you can line away with confidence! :) Now, I have not tried this product yet, but Guerlain has NEVER steered me wrong. I am looking forward to purchasing soon and will share my thoughts... I'll do a video when I apply it to get some feedback.

Top New (new to me) Fragrance... Jasmin Noir by Bvlgari

Morning Dolls! Hope you are having an amazing, darling day! Its Friday, so I hope you have a great weekend to look forward too... regardless of what you are doing...

Yesterday, I went to Sephora (one of my favorite places right now) to purchase my Airbrush Makeup System by TEMPTU (MY EXPENSIVE OBSESSION). Of course, I was drawn like a deer mesmerized with the dance of headlights by the bright lights @ the "Hollywood Glam" fragrance wall.

Alas, I hit the ground running...spraying, sniffing coffee beans and spraying some more. I know you know the routine! Well, I happened upon a potentially new love... Sort of like a lioness in the wild, I spotted my prey from afar and begin to study it. The bottle was simple, pretty, sophisticated, dark and mysterious.. so I thought to myself- I must try this! Going in for the kill, like a lioness, I pounced -- well SPRAYED.... and... ahhhhh... it was LOVE. I heart Jasmin Noir. I have it on today, and its still going strong. Already, I've received a few compliments at work.

The sensual allure of the fragrance is sure to turn heads and end in a seamless seduction of your prey for anyone bold enough to wear it. I'M BOLD ENOUGH TO WEAR IT? ARE YOU? Now, I know that different fragrances smell different on different people, but if you like fragrances with jasmine, amber, gardenia or almond that is sensual, spicy, and sophisticated, then this may be one for you to try! I'm sure it will not disappoint.

NOTE: Sephora sells mini fragrance bottles (perfect for your purse) for $25!. This is a great bargain if you want opt out of the big bottle.

Description: Jasmin Noir, tells a captivating story of the irresistible charm of a mysterious and intensely sensual woman. Captivating and caressing, Jasmin Noir begins with a delicious mix of voluptuous florals of sap and gardenia notes, moves to a seductive yet tender note delivered in the sambac jasmine absolute and finishes with an unexpected silky woody almond accord revealing an airing yet exhilarating addiction to anyone who dares. The scent's sumptuously rich notes repose on a bed of precious wood and ambery undertones, bringing together the depth and mystery of patchouli, the warmth of tonka bean and the comfort of silky musks for an elegant and intimate sensuality. The deep alluring black and luminous gold bottle beautifully honors the heritage of prestigious allure.

A precious floral woody fragrance with ambery accents centered around the jasmine flower. Green Sap, Gardenia Petals, Sambac Jasmine Absolute, Satiny Almond, Precious Wood, Licorice, Tonka Bean Absolute.

Seductive. Sophisticated. Refined.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Great classic shoe.... YSL Eel Skin Platform Pump

Dear YSL,

This shoe is an amazing spin on the classic black pump! Its super edgy, but still houses the essence of sophistication! The eel skin, the slight inset of the heel and the super skinny heel with the platform pump create the perfect shoe! Way to go YSL! Please bring this back (or something similar) for fall 2010! thanks.... xoxo

The shoes were available at Farfetch.com. If anyone's has these, lucky you!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Summa Daze


There are only a few weekends left in summer (I know, unbelievable right!), so try to get out there and soak up as much beach time as you can. When I go to the beach, it is very relaxing and renewing for me and I love to pass the time with my iPod and a good book by my side! I love reading anything that is enlightening. There is something about reading a book about spiritual and personal growth while on the beach. The insanely peaceful surroundings at the beach trigger my thoughts of endless possibilities. The flow of energy at the beach with the crashing waves and the continuous movement of the water provides the perfect place for rich and deeper understanding.

My top 5 books that I plan to finish before the end of the summer are:

1.Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire (check out the other two books in this series), Deepak Chopra
2. The Purpose and Power of Love and Marriage, Dr. Myles Munroe
3. How God Changes Your Brain, Andrew B. Newberg
4. When Bad Things Happen to Good People, Harold S. Kushner.
5. The Personal Aura, Dora van Gelder Kunz

Top iPod/mP3 tunes are:
1. Joe Claussell ...anything! He's an amazing DJ!
2. Soldier of Love, Sade

All of the books and music can be found at Amazon.com

I know my book list is kind of 'deep', but I'm always on a quest for new knowledge.


Saturday, August 14, 2010

smoothie craving....

I'm so craving my watercress, cucumber, grape lemon, ginger smoothie right now! Strange to some I'm sure, but so true! It's an amazingly refreshing summer smoothie and oh so good for you! It's my youth serum from the inside out! Think I need to make a market run! ;) its gorgeous outside today... maybe ill see if one of my local juice bars can make it for me.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Henna and Indigo mix for Gray Hair

Happy Friday!

I am super excited today. I've been doing henna in my hair for about 8 months now.. and its not gone unnoticed! I've received tons of complements on my hair with how health it looks etc. Well today, my excitement comes by way of my Mom. She asked me to put henna in her hair! Yeahyah.. My Moms hair is salt and pepper now and she is really looking for a non-chemical way to cover her grays. So we are going to do henna and indigo. I plan on adding indigo to my henna mix this winter (I like darker hair in the winter months), so I have done some research on henna and indigo. I am looking forward to applying the mix to my Mom's hair. I will post before and after pics once we are through. I am really excited! I found a really good recipe on hennaforhair.com for dying grays. Any recipes? Please share!


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How to Use Amla Powder for Skin as a Face Mask

Hello all~

Prayers today that your day is filled with prosperity and your creative ideas come to fruition! Your value is beyond reckoning. Nothing stands in your way!

One of my favorite at home face mask is an Amla Powder face mask. This inexpensive mask works wonders for cleaning my pores by removing the grim of the day, reduces pore size, while tightening and brightening my skin resulting in the most amazing healthy glow. I purchase my Amla powder locally for $1.99 for 100grams! (If you need help with getting Amla in your neck of the woods, let me know.)

What to do:
Mix 1-2 tablespoons of Amla Powder with warm water to create a paste. With an application brush, apply the paste to your clean face in an upward and outward motion (against gravity always)
Leave on for 15-30 minutes and rinse off to reveal amazingly clear skin!

Amla is used quite often in Indian Ayurveda. Its known for its rejuvenating powers. Amla or Indian Gooseberry fruit comes from a small to medium sized woody tree, with gray bark, reddish wood and many tiny closely set leaves. The flowers are greenish yellow and fruits are rounded, pale yellow and fleshy with 3-sided seeds. In India, Amla is considered sacred and respected as a symbol of good health. Amla has one of the purest forms of natural Vitamin C, 20 times higher than orange juice.

Check out my YouTube video on how to mix and apply the face mask.

For thicker, darker eyebrows, apply the Amla Powder mixture on your eyebrows as well! Interesting how the same stuff has different results. It darkens and thickens your eyebrows while at the same time brightens your skin!

As with anything that you apply to your skin, there is the possibility of an allergic reaction, although it rarely occurs. To check for your own skins sensitivity, test the mixture on the inside of your arm and leave for 10 minutes. Wash and wait for an hour for a reaction. As with any face mask application, avoid the sensitive skin around your eyes and mouth.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

SIDEBAR POST - Shoes, fashion and more shoes...

Everyone that knows me personally knows, in addition to my love for all things natural etc., I am a huge fashionista! I would define my favorite style as "corporate sexy with a taste of edge". Think Kim Kardashian meets Audrey Hepburn. I love fashion... clothes, shoes and killer style. I am a mode dresser and I wear clothes that reflect how I feel. Its hot and humid in the northeast right now and I'm kind of feeling Bohemian chic this week. Right now I'm loving anything woven. Having said that, here are my choice pic shoes for the week... comfortable, sexy, classy rolled all in one!

J Jill woven leather thong:

12TH STREET BY CYNTHIA VINCENT "Tilla" Woven-Leather Ankle-Strap Thong Sandals:

okay... just two more woven favs, for cooler evenings:

Bottega Veneta Tea Storm Cuir 2009 (collection):


Proenza Schoiler woven leather platform sandals:

Monday, August 9, 2010

Coconut Oil for hair (Hair oiling)

Morning darlings...

Hope you are having an amazing day! The summer is really setting in, which means humidity is on the rise in the northeast. I've been wearing my hair in various Up-do's and buns for chic breezy summer looks. Loose buns, smooth sleek buns, wild up-do's, smooth up-do's... you name it and I'm doing it! Lots of creative fun!

Last night I did one of my amazing weekly rituals of hair oiling and thought I would share. This is not a new process and its origins date back to ancient Indian Ayurvedic hair treatment practices. Hair oiling provides nourishment from the roots to ends of your hair. The oil should be applied systematically (and not too much) to sections of the hair from roots to tip. The best way to oil your hair is to start at the crown of your head with an oiling massage and then work/massage the oil through the hair. Once hair is oiled, you should sleep with the oil overnight for best absorption. In the alternative, you can wrap a steamed towel around your hair to aid in the penetration of the oil for 30-60 minutes.
TIP: You can do this 2-3 times a week if you wish, which I am doing now! I've been wearing my hair in curly styles and like to rinse/co-wash my hair every 3 days to avoid product build-up. I only shampoo once a week, as shampoo can strip the hair of its natural oils.

My current summer hair oiling routine is:
Day 1 (evening): Oil hair, head message
Day 2 (morning): Rinse oil and co-wash
Day 3: Rest and maintain style
Day 4: Rest and maintain style
Day 5 (evening):Oil hair, head message
Day 6 (morning): Rinse oil, shampoo and condition
Day 7: Rest and maintain style

BONUS TIP: You may do this on wet or dry hair, but works best on DRY hair because oil and water don't mix, so dry hair will have better absorption of the oil.
I've oiled my hair with Vatika Enriched Coconut Oil by Dabur. You can use Vatika, or you can also oil your hair with plain old good old fashion coconut oil! When I oil with coconut oil, I usually precede my oiling with a Brahmi oil head massage to increase blood circulation, prevent hair fall and stimulate hair growth.

I plan to post a video shortly on hair oiling and my technique!

check back soon and on youtube!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Detox Juice Celery, parsley, spinach and apple

Hey Dolls!

So, if you read my post on on my favorite drink- Carrot, Apple, Ginger and Lemon Juice, you will know that the times that I don't prepare this at home, I go to my local juice bar and have it made for me! :)... A girl can get pampered every now and then right? :)

Well, today was one of those days. I didn't have time to JUICE, so at lunch time, I went to my favorite local juice bar and guess what! They were out of carrots. So I deviated from my norm and opted for Celery, Parsley, Spinach and Apple Juice. Not only is it super tasty, it's also super good for your too. So, this may be my alternative and I will have to try this at home. I would probably add some watercress to it... just because of all of the phenomenal benefits of watercress.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Kimberly Snyder's Smoothie Skin Facial

Hi Dolls!

I am a huge fan of Kimberly Snyder's Health and Beauty Blog. She provides some amazing health and beauty tips. Back in 2008, she posted a great recipe for a smoothie skin facial that is great for repairing your skin from within. Our skin is a reflection of what we eat and is a tell tale of what is going on inside our bodies. So pay attention to what your skin is telling you! This great smoothie will aid in (1) clearing away toxins by purifying your liver and blood (thanks to the ginger, lemon and watercress), (2) provide essential fatty oils and antioxidants (the grapes) and (3) help with hydration (the cucumber, which is 96%% water). In addition, watercress is valued for clearing and improving the complexion to give you a nice overall health glow.

The recipe is as follows:

*6 cups green grapes (try to find seeded organic ones, which have not been genetically modified in any way and are naturally fertile and vibrant)
* 2 inch square of ginger
* ½ bunch watercress
* 1 large cucumber
* Juice of one lemon

Blend all the ingredients together in a blender (EXCEPT FOR THE LEMON JUICE). Squeeze the lemon juice in and stir. Voila!

Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque and Hair Thickening Spray

Hi all~

Here is a quick post on two of my favorite products right now. I really am in love with Shea Moisture, deep treatment masque right now. It's sold exclusively at Target right now. This conditioner is super rich and super conditioning. I like to leave it in my hair for a minimum of 30 minutes(covered with a plastic cap or a brief sit under the dryer). It does an amazing job of providing me with extremely manageable hair with no tangles, deep moisture and super shine. Perfect beginning to perfectly styled hair. Works great for my curly styles. It may be a bit heavy for a straight flowing style, so leave in for about 5-10 minutes if you plan to wear your hair straight and fluffy.

The other product that I am really loving right now is Shea Moisture Thickening Mist. If you have fine or limp hair, this product really works great. I spray it on my roots and work it through my hair. This will give your hair amazing volume if you want to add volume to your curls, roller set or blow out. Works great on all hair types!

Enjoy hunnies!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Neopol Smokery, Belvedere Square

picture courtesy of Neopolsmokery.com

Happy Monday!

So I hit the beach yet again this weekend! Love it, love it love it! (in the voice of Jim Carrey from skit on In Living Color... remember that?)

Anyway, so I packed up the chairs, tent and beach blanket AGAIN this weekend and hit the road... I stocked the cooler with all sorts of decedent treats.. organic gold cherries (yummie), grapes, blueberries, pretzels, hummus, pita chips, wine (local of course from Boordy Vineyards in Peach and Jazzberry) and of course.. my all time favorite!!!... drum roll please..... Smoked Salmon Spread from Neopol Savory Smokery in Belvedere Square Market in Baltimore. This place is a hidden gem in the Baltimore area. For those of you who know about it, I'm sure you will agree and for those who do not and love anything 'smoked', check them out! The owner is amazing and is always super friendly. Their ingredients are local (they support local agriculture) and most of the items on their menu are organic and free range. Their veggies are always in season. Its very important to eat veggies that are in season as it supports your overall balance. They feature hundreds of fresh ingredients and items from Smoked Salmon Salad to Savory cheese pies, each one sure to tickle your palette. Neopol also caters private events. I plan on having them cater an event at my home really soon! Anyone else have a Neopol favorite? LMK! I would love to try it next time I go!


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