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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Top Five hair oils

Hey dolls, 

Here are my Top 5 pics for natural hair oils....

#1. 100% Pure Coconut Oil-- Coconut oil has great strengthening qualities for your hair.
#2. Vatika Oil-- The base of this oil is coconut oil and it is enriched with Lemon, Amla, Henna and 22 other herbs.
#3. Wild Hair Growth-- This has a base of olive oil, coconut oil and jojoba oil and is enriched with other herbs.
#4. Brahmi oil by Ramtirth-- The base is coconut oil and it is enriched with Brahmi oil and 22 other herbs.
#5. Amla Oil-- Aids in encouraging hair growth, this has a base of vegetable oil. (I am currently looking for an Amla oil that has a Coconut oil base. If not, I plan to make my own at home!)

All of these products can be found at Amazon.com. I've purchased all of them and they are great products.   Feel free to check them out... the beauty of this is that NONE of these oils are expensive and they far supersede some of the expensive products that are currently on the market in my opinion.   As usual, you can add essential oil to the oil if you want to alter the smell! 

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