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Friday, August 13, 2010

Henna and Indigo mix for Gray Hair

Happy Friday!

I am super excited today. I've been doing henna in my hair for about 8 months now.. and its not gone unnoticed! I've received tons of complements on my hair with how health it looks etc. Well today, my excitement comes by way of my Mom. She asked me to put henna in her hair! Yeahyah.. My Moms hair is salt and pepper now and she is really looking for a non-chemical way to cover her grays. So we are going to do henna and indigo. I plan on adding indigo to my henna mix this winter (I like darker hair in the winter months), so I have done some research on henna and indigo. I am looking forward to applying the mix to my Mom's hair. I will post before and after pics once we are through. I am really excited! I found a really good recipe on hennaforhair.com for dying grays. Any recipes? Please share!


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