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Friday, August 20, 2010

Top New (new to me) Fragrance... Jasmin Noir by Bvlgari

Morning Dolls! Hope you are having an amazing, darling day! Its Friday, so I hope you have a great weekend to look forward too... regardless of what you are doing...

Yesterday, I went to Sephora (one of my favorite places right now) to purchase my Airbrush Makeup System by TEMPTU (MY EXPENSIVE OBSESSION). Of course, I was drawn like a deer mesmerized with the dance of headlights by the bright lights @ the "Hollywood Glam" fragrance wall.

Alas, I hit the ground running...spraying, sniffing coffee beans and spraying some more. I know you know the routine! Well, I happened upon a potentially new love... Sort of like a lioness in the wild, I spotted my prey from afar and begin to study it. The bottle was simple, pretty, sophisticated, dark and mysterious.. so I thought to myself- I must try this! Going in for the kill, like a lioness, I pounced -- well SPRAYED.... and... ahhhhh... it was LOVE. I heart Jasmin Noir. I have it on today, and its still going strong. Already, I've received a few compliments at work.

The sensual allure of the fragrance is sure to turn heads and end in a seamless seduction of your prey for anyone bold enough to wear it. I'M BOLD ENOUGH TO WEAR IT? ARE YOU? Now, I know that different fragrances smell different on different people, but if you like fragrances with jasmine, amber, gardenia or almond that is sensual, spicy, and sophisticated, then this may be one for you to try! I'm sure it will not disappoint.

NOTE: Sephora sells mini fragrance bottles (perfect for your purse) for $25!. This is a great bargain if you want opt out of the big bottle.

Description: Jasmin Noir, tells a captivating story of the irresistible charm of a mysterious and intensely sensual woman. Captivating and caressing, Jasmin Noir begins with a delicious mix of voluptuous florals of sap and gardenia notes, moves to a seductive yet tender note delivered in the sambac jasmine absolute and finishes with an unexpected silky woody almond accord revealing an airing yet exhilarating addiction to anyone who dares. The scent's sumptuously rich notes repose on a bed of precious wood and ambery undertones, bringing together the depth and mystery of patchouli, the warmth of tonka bean and the comfort of silky musks for an elegant and intimate sensuality. The deep alluring black and luminous gold bottle beautifully honors the heritage of prestigious allure.

A precious floral woody fragrance with ambery accents centered around the jasmine flower. Green Sap, Gardenia Petals, Sambac Jasmine Absolute, Satiny Almond, Precious Wood, Licorice, Tonka Bean Absolute.

Seductive. Sophisticated. Refined.

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