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Friday, June 3, 2011

Bird Nesting @ My Home! A-Mazing

So... for the last 5 summers that I've been living in my first home (I bought right before the housing market surged), I've been blessed to have a dear visitor each year!

I haven't quite figured out what species this years bird is but she's beautiful! 
She's gray with a blue tail and blue "eyeliner". 
Of course my bird would HAVE to be a diva! :) 
Maybe she sensed my "house vibe" to make her temporary home? I digress...

Now each year, a new life manages to make their way to my home and build a nest on top of my light positioned to the left of my front door to bring new life into this world... A-Mazing, if I must say so myself!  What's sooooo amazing to me is the light where the birds have built the nest is about 6" by 6" and is circular!  The nest has been there for 5 years (I never touched or moved it) and it stood through snow storms, hail and other environmental elements.  Each year a new bird builds on top of it making it their very own) and its still standing strong.

June Jet, (YES, I named my bird) has been nesting for about 3 weeks so far.  I accidentally scared her off one evening about 2 1/2 weeks ago when I was leave out of the house. I opened my automatic umbrella... guess it sounded like a gun shot to her and she took off!  I couldn't sleep that night and thought she wouldn't return.  ...yes, I know...a bit much... but what can I say?  I'm a compassionate person- even with nature.   Anywho, to my great comfort, the next morning June had returned and then she officially received her last name... "Jet".  June because I estimated her babies should be here in June and Jet because she took off flying and I thought I lost her! 

My story of June Jet makes me think of the classic piece Summertime, composed by George Gershwin for the opera Porgy and Bess:

And the livin' is easy
Fish are jumpin'
And the cotton is high

Your daddy's rich
And your mamma's good lookin'
So hush little baby
Don't you cry

One of these mornings
You're going to rise up singing
Then you'll spread your wings
And you'll take to the sky

But till that morning
There's a'nothing can harm you
With daddy and mamma standing by

Well... I'll post a pic soon of June Jet at her nest and hopefully I will have some pics of June and the babies once their eggs hatch....


Ironically: June Jet that was the name of my favorite doll growing up!


  1. Hey Sharron, how have you been? I hope well. Whats new with June Jet? Did you ever find out what kind of bird she is?

  2. Hi there Khadija! All is well and I hope all is well with you also! thanks for asking about June Jet! well, the eggs hatched and the babies have left the nest.. bitter sweet :/ I believe she was a gray dove! I will post an update soon!



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