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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Top Five (5) Christmas Gifts for Men

It's no secret, men love getting gifts too!  BUT---What to get for the man or men in your life? Every year, same question! Right? This year, I took my topic to the streets, picked the brains of a few good men (muito divertito!) on the gifts they would LOVE for Christmas to come up with my top 5!.... Why not get him what he really wants! Here are the top 5 gifts men seem to want for the holidays:

For the Fashionable Male:
1. Cashmere Sweater: Men love to receive these, based on my survey.  The price point for a good cashmere sweater is really good around the holidays.  Cashmere is very versatile and can we worn with jeans, slacks or with a shirt and tie underneath. Know your man's skin undertones, and come up with the perfect color and style sweater for him! Styles range from crew neck to turtleneck.

2. Good Facial Skin Care System:  Lots of men won't go out and buy this on their own, so why not get it for him?  Women spend billions of dollars on anti-aging and skin care products... so why not spend some of that $$$ on the man in your life?  Check out:

(a) Kiehl's Men's Skincare - Facial Fuel ( Energizing Moisture Treatment For Men ) 75ml/2.5oz  Kiehl's has an excellent facial care system designed especially for men,  Nordstroms has a good gift set!

(b) Lab Series has an excellent daily facial cleansing set as well.

3. Personal Trainer Sessions: Ironically the men in my poll said they wouldn't take offense to this gift! So what better way to look out for the health and wellness of you guy then to treat him to a personal trainer! He'll be beach ready in no time!

For the Creative Genius:

4. iPad:  self explanatory right?  :)

5. High-end Camera:  If your fella is the creative type and does not have a hobby, trying helping him find one---- Lead him to photography!  It's a very soothing and rewarding hobby.  This is a great instant gratification gadget gift for a creative genius! POINT, SHOOT, RESULTS! and YOU of course can be his first subject. :)  Get a pretty sturdy camera that can stand the test of time with lots of zoom and focus features.  I like the Canon EOS series.  Then next year, you can add on a lense....

and just for kicks...

For the Rich and Famous:

2010 Bugatti Veyron: ... Unless you are rolling in the dough, B&J style, this may be far fetched... 
you can always opt for the Model Car sold at Neiman Marcus for his model car collection.  I'm sure you can find these on eBay... :)

Happy shopping......

Any other gift ideas?


  1. the cashmere sweater is a great gift. i think guys who can pull off sweaters always look good.


  2. Fathers are not picky and I can say that since I am a father myself. Last year my wife gave me shaving soaps and an aftershave and I was very happy about it. This year, I am so excited I wonder what she will give me this Christmas.

  3. that is wonderful Glenn! I hope you get a great gift from your wife that you love... Merry Christmas!

  4. Hi Rose, I'm back. Wifey gave me a watch!
    I will be checking out your post for your New Year's resolution :)

  5. Hi Glenn! oohh.. sweet. Watches are great! I have some great post and things to achieve/accomplish for the New Year. To start the year off, I will be doing the Daniel Fast at the beginning of the year and would love for others to join me!



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