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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Another Great Reason To Love Curlformers!

So, if you have been following any of my Curlformers post, some of you may be interested in this, espeically if you are a naturally lady transitioning from a Relaxer. 

This past holiday, I decided to style my hair with my Curlformers and sit under the dryer.  I did my normal process and used my normal products.  To my dismay, my hair was not completely dry when I took out my curlformers!  I didn't sit under the dryer long enough. What's a girl to do??? I had to be at Thanksgiving dinner in 40 minutes!  So, I did what any rational, reasonable, lady would do.. and came up with plan B!  I had no idea how this was going to come up but I went for it!  The Natural Oasis Setting lotion that I used to set my curls, makes my hair super soft.  I took all of the curlformers out of my hair and:

1.  Applied some amla oil to my scalp
2. Took my paddle brush and began to brush out my curls and wrap my hair around my head.
3.  Took some saran wrap and wrapped it around my hair.
4.  Set under the dryer for 5 minutes
5.  Viola!  WOW... my hair looked like I just had a Dominican blowout! 

My hair was super straight-- but with wavy body!  I didn't even have to "hit up" the edges and roots with a flat iron to tame my hair....   :)

Another great reason to love Curlformers!  The style actually came out just as good as my old faithful roller set on my natural hair!  Although my end style was not what I planned, I was truly pleased with my Accidental Straight Hair!!!!

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