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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

NEWSFLASH Curlformers: Extra Wide and Long

As promised, on an earlier Curlformers post I wanted to post an update once I used my Extra Wide and Long Curlformers to achieve larger and fuller curls. I received my Curlformers on last week! (Sidebar- Super fast shipping by the way!) Well, last night after an invigorating Kickboxing class, I washed and deep conditioned my hair and I was ready to ROCK with my new larger Curlformers! The process of course is the same, NO HEAT STYLING but I DID USE DIFFERENT PRODUCTS, just for fun and I love trying new products!

This time, I used only 2 products:
Jane Carter Solution Leave in Conditioner (my staple leave-in)
Natural Oasis, Conditiong Foam Wrap and Sculpting Lotion

The Natural Oasis is new to me and is a DREAM!  OMG!  So love this! I stumbled upon this while in my local hair store last week on my quest to find an all natural setting lotion.   The POWER of PRAYER! True story-- For a couple weeks, I searched for an all natural setting lotion with no luck and was secretly dreading getting one with alcohol :/. Right before I went in the store, I prayed to find an all natural setting lotion, and there it was!!! ...recognize each opportunity as a blessing and give thanks for even the smallest of things! I will post a FULL review on this product soon but needless to say, I LOVE the combination of the Extra Wide and Long Curmformers, JC L-I-C and Natural Oasis.

My curls came out nice and full, like.. Ocean Waves with body!

Here are some pics of the final "do" with the Extra Wide and Long Curlformers:

Day 1. 
I promise to take better pics and do a vid next time! This was an experiement, but I loved my results!
Day 2
A little frizz, but still nice and curly!


  1. I've been looking for the natural oasis setting lotion everywhere, and I can't find it online (including the Naural Oasis website). Where do you get it?

  2. Hi there Newly Natural! I purchased it at my local beauty supply store in MD. They are headquartered in Washington, DC, so a lot of the stores in the DMV area carry their products. What area are you in? Let me know if I can help out!



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