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Friday, November 19, 2010

Natural Hair Products Swap!

Happy Friday!

I hope everyone is ready for an exciting weekend! Saturday's and Sunday's are always the best!

Have you purchased an all natural hair product recently that just doesn't do it for you? Is it collecting dust in your product closet or under your sink?

Well, you should participate in Today's Swap a Natural Hair Product Friday! It's really simple to participate!

1. Follow this blog.
2. In the comment box below, type the products that you have to swap and the products you like! Product should be ay least half full.
3. Check back for comment updates and find your match! I will facilitate.
4. Contact the follower directly and viola! ....exchange info and Swap!

The swap will run through December 10th.

This is right around holiday time and who wouldn't love to receive a package in the mail? Have fun with it and maybe wrap it in festive wrapping paper or add a bow!


Disclosure: The contest is run on a good faith basis. The blog owner is not responsible and the swap is at the sole discretion of the participants.


  1. I have 4 items I would like to swap.
    1. uncle funky's daughter/ curly magic
    2. mixed chicks/ leave-in conditioner
    3. aveda/ be curly curl enhancer
    4. kinky curly/ spiral spritz
    My wish list
    1. kinky curly knot today
    2. Juices and berries
    3. afroveda curl define
    4. shea alma whipped cream
    5. afroved purr whipped jelly

  2. I have
    Vigorol Curls Curling Creme
    Motions Weightless detangling conditioner

    that I would like to swap. Let me know if you would like it! :) If I think of more I'll add another post.



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