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Monday, November 29, 2010

Mac Make-up Haul

This past week, I went to MAC with NO intention upon purchasing makeup, however, I of course left the counter $100 in the hole... :/

What did I LOVE and what was an EPIC FAIL?


1. "A TRIUMPHANT BLUSH FACE KIT": Every season, MAC comes out with a new holiday collection. This season the holiday design collection is in a plaid box.  tooo cute.  It has a peachy base, which I LOVE..  The colors are Smooth Harmony Beauty Powder, Peachtwist Sheertone Shimmer Blush and Melba. 

2. "5 Sassy Coral Lassies Lipglass" holiday set: The second thing that I purchased was a great compliment to the blush and very Sassy, just like me :). The set included 5 mini lip glasses.  These lipglass shades are amazing and I truly love each one!  The colors are Tad Saucy, Pretty Quick, Mimmy, Jest for Fun and Hearts-a-Beatin', but my favorite is Tad Saucy... It's the peachiest of the bunch.

I'm thinking of going back next week for the Pink Holiday Collection... hummmmmm....

EPIC FAIL (for me)

1. Zoom Lash Mascara -- I hate that this was a fail for me, as I've heard so many great reviews on this product.  It was a fail for me for 2 reasons:  1:  It was sub par after the second application to my Rimmel Mascara that cost half the price!  It began to clump and did not seperate or extend my lashes as I anticipated and 2: I had an allergic reaction to it!  Has anyone else experienced this???  About a minute after I put it on, my eye began to burn and water.  I tried it about 6 different times and had the same reaction.. not sure? 

2. Prep +Prime Lash -- Again, this was an epic fail for me... 1:  After the first application it clumped on my lashes and the soft brush did not grip my lash to give me a well defined curl. I guess I'm just in love with my Dior Lash Primer. and 2: I had the same allergic reaction as I did with the Zoom Lash?  What's up with that? 

Anyway, I hope you get a chance to check out some of the holiday colors... really great!  If you are looking for a richer pigment, try Bobbi Brown Blushes (they have some great holiday sets as well) and Make up for ever HD blush.


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