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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

3 Natural Toothpaste brands

More and more people are converting to natural toothpaste as an alternative to cleaning teeth. Have you ever checked out the ingredients in regular mainstream toothpaste? Most people probably have not.   However, if you read the labels, most of the ingredients in mainstream toothpaste are chemically derived and names that most of us can't pronounce. I can assure you that you would be alarmed at the amount of chemicals that go into your mouth each day, at least twice a day. 

Most people that start using natural toothpaste, notice an IMMEDIATE difference and would not dream of converting back. I must admit, it took me a WHILE to convert as I had my favorite brand, but now, I love my natural toothpaste.  The best natural toothpaste ingredients consist of herbs and oils that protect the teeth and gums and promote a healthy, chemical-free mouth! Here are my top 3 favorite natural toothpaste that I would recommend are:

1. BlanX USA

2. Toms of Maine, Whole care, with Fluoride.* NOTE: This is now sold at Target, if you have a phobia of going into "natural' stores. ;)

3. Burt's Bees Natural Flouride-free Toothpaste, whitening without Fluoride. 99.2% Natural.  I have not personally tried this but have read great reviews on it!  Let me know if you've tried it.

BONUS: There are also natural mouthwash alternatives. Previously, I was a firm believer that if I didn't feel the "burn", then it wasn't working! I will review my top picks soon!

*This does contain sodium lauryl sulfate but it is derived from coconut and/or palm kernel oil

Do you have a favorite natural toothpaste or what are your thoughts on the ones above?

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