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Saturday, November 20, 2010

I Dyed My Hair Naturally, with Indigo!

This past Wednesday night was one if those nights devoted to hair care! I enjoy doing my hair myself and had plans to put Henna and Indigo as well as a deep conditioner in my hair.  Here is my process!

1.  The night before applying Henna and Indigo, I Oiled my hair.   In my previous post on hair oiling, I talk about how to use coconut oil to oil your hair, but this time I used Amla and Brahmi Oil. 

2.  I started my hair treatment by washing my hair so that it was nice and clean!  This time, I used Organic Henna and Organic Indigo, both which I purchased from Henna Sooq. For the winter months, I wanted to darken my hair so I decided to do a 2 Part Treatment to achieve rich, black hair.  Click here to see how to mix henna.


Henna Mix:
200grams Organic Henna
2 cups of Filtered Water
4 Green Tea bags
1 Tablespoon Olive Oil
1 Tablespoon Honey
Essential Oil
Rose Water


I used Hello Hydration Conditioner to thoroughly rinse the henna out of my hair. Immediately after washing the henna out of my hair, I mixed my Organic Indigo. 


Mix Organic Indigo with water until a thick paste is created.  Part hair into four equal sections and immediately apply the Indigo to your hair from the back to the front until all hair is covered.   Once indigo is in, cover your head with a plastic cap.

For Dark Brown Hair--- LEAVE IN FOR 15-30 minutes
for Black Hair -- LEAVE IN FOR 40-60 minutes
for Jet Black Hair-- LEAVE IN FOR 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours.

I left my indigo in for 40 minutes. I then rinsed my Indigo out using some more Hello Hydration.  After the Organic Indigo was completely rinsed out of my hair, I put a deep conditioner in my hair.  This is an IMPORTANT STEP as Henna and Indigo can be drying. I used Shea Moisture deep conditioner and let that set in my hair for 30 minutes. 

WONDERFUL...I love my results! To style, my hair, I used Curlformers.  Here is a pic of my final hair... Next time I will leave the indigo in for an hour! 

What do you guys think?


  1. Great idea sweets, I will do it soon. Did you use both henna and indigo in one night only? Thanks :)

  2. looks GREAT! love that it's done naturally!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog Belles&Rebelles, and for your comment!
    Love your blog! You send a great message :)xo Will be following from now on!



  3. @beautydiva- thanks! Yes, I used both henna and indigo in one night. The beauty of it was that I was in my home so I was able to do other things.

    @M-- thanks for the compliments and thanks for following my blog!

  4. Hi..I love your henna dye recipe. I read all of the steps and saw your pictures of what you did with your moms hair (and yours). I am wondering about how long the henna lasts?


    (your Uncle Arnold showed me your blog). I am his girlfriend. Please add me to your contacts.


  5. @Karen--- ohhhh thanks!

    The color and deep treatment effects of henna will last until your hair grows out. The benefit of henna as a hair treatment is the more you use it, the stronger your hair gets. I use it once every 4-8 weeks to strengthen my hair. If you are using it as a dying agent, the color gets richer over time and with continued use is permanant color. You will just need to touch up the color at your roots for uniform color.

    ps-- I will add you to m contact list and I can't wait to meet you! :)

  6. Hey, I was wondering which size curlformers you used for this pic extra wide or wide? I loved your fierce friday pic on curlynikki.

  7. Hi Quiana- thanks for the compliment! I used the extra wide and long curlformers in the pics for curlynikki fierce friday. After I took them out, I pincurled my hair and plucked and viola.. bug curls! Let me know if you try it and how you like it. Check out my curlformers post also for some of the products I used.



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