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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bebe's PH8 Closing, Replaced by 2b Stores

Not to long ago, I dropped until my local PH8 by Bebe Store and it appears that another one will bite the dust pretty soon. PH8 by Bebe, a division of Bebe with stand alone stores in several malls will be discontinue by the end if 2011. They had a major sale running so I purchased quite a few items...capris for $14.99, sports bras for $9.99.... etc. Pretty good.. The first question out of my mouth, despite the amazing sale was, "Do the clothes have performance technology?" This is very important to me as I wanted to make sure the clothes are not just cute, but also would make sense for my workouts.  There were no visible signs in the store advertising the performance benefits of the clothes. I of course was intrigued by this as I instantly felt a disconnect with the marketing. Are the clothes meant for lounging or errand running similar to the old BebeSport clothes or was it meant for true performance?  I struck an interesting chat with the 2 helpful ladies that worked at the nearly empty store, who's sentiments were similar to mine as a first time customer.  Performance or errand-wear?

I guess the line was not appealing to the typical Bebe customer. It's as if Bebe would have to start from ground zero to get a following of those who want workout clothes with performance technology that are cute vs. those who just want cute clothes to run errands in that simulates workout clothes. Who was the real customer? I think that conceptually it was a good idea, but the marketing strategy didn't hit the mark. Was the customer fashionista's who are really into looking good while working out but also require the clothes to perform or those who want the clothes for stylistic purposes not meant for exercise?

I rest on the performance & style side. I want my workout gear to perform, while providing a stylistic edge.... so PH8 must be able to compete in the performance arena to sustain customers similar to me.

On the flip side, if the customer was intended to be those who previously liked the Bebe Sport line, then it would require more glitz and glam with no consideration for performance-- the original customer that put Bebe Sport on the map in the early 2000's. I personally have steered away from the logo shirts with Bebe plastered across the bosom. Could be age, getting more refined, but I'm just not into the Bebe logo tees anymore. (If you saw some of my workout picture post, you will see that my once fashionable tees from the early 2000's are now part of my outdoor rugged wear! Lol.)

Anyway, it looks like Bebe's new concept store, 2b, may be a hit with those looking for a bargin, with its on trend styles and prices ranging from $29- $79. The clothes are being sold online and at select locations. Bebe Stores, Inc. has plans to swap out PH8 stores for 2B stores at some of the failed PH8 locations. The clothes are currently being sold online. Anyone purchase from the 2B line yet?

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