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You are what you deepest desire is. As is your desire, so is your intention. As is your intention, so is your will. As is your will, so is your deed. As is your deed, so is your destiny. ~Upanishads text.
What is your deepest desire?

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Are You a Keeper?

Marriage is a beautiful thing, but in this day and age the divorce rate is unfortunately making it easy to leave/give-up and is discouraging the new generation that long lasting happy marriages do exist! I'm blessed to have great examples of marriage as my parents have been married for 36 years and grandparents have been married for 60 years!  I give thanks for that each day.  Often you hear women say, "there are no good men out there!" or men say, "there are no good women out there anymore". 

Recently, I was at a gathering with several friends.  The group mainly consisted of college educated individuals or professionals ranging from lawyers to engineers to entrepreneurs.  As the night progressed, a group of about 3 ladies (myself included) and about 6 nicely dressed, well educated men began to drift into a conversation on marriage.  One of the ladies blurted out that there are "NO good men anywhere"!  Was she nuts!?!  We were sitting with a group of what she claimed no longer exist.  Maybe they didn't exist because she already spoke it out of her life through her comment.  In addition, if you can make such a statement, be sure that what you are bringing to the table as a women is "good".  Are you a good woman?  A good woman means more then having a good education, good job, great cook and no kids out of wedlock..... Look deeper into yourself and your keeper may find his keeper in you...

A Keeper:

"Never gives in easily, and the standards/requirements start
the moment you open your mouth. See, she understands her
power and wields it like a samurai sword. She commands—not
demands—respect, just by the way she carries herself. You can
walk up to her and give her your best game, and while she may
be impressed by what you say, that’s no guarantee that she’s
going to let the conversation go any further, much less give you
her phone number and agree to give you some of her valuable
time. Men automatically know from the moment she opens her
mouth that if they want her, they’ll have to get in line with her
standards and requirements, or keep it moving because she’s
done with the games and isn’t interested in playing. But she will
also send all the signals that she is capable of being loyal to a
man and taking good care of him, appreciative of what he’s
bringing to the relationship, and ready for love—true, long lasting

--from Steve Harvey's book, Act like a Lady, Think Like a Man

We have to be, that which we want.   We attract what we are...

Weight in?  Your thoughts?


  1. This post is so timely.. I have a few friends that lament about the same thing.. there are no good men. But have yet to look within to see why they keep attracting no good men.

    I recently got married and while I never thought I would marry because I didn't want to, it really took me by surprise and I'm so glad that I did.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog! I will be back, love your topics.

  2. Congratulations on your marriage! Thanks for the complements and for stopping by!

  3. Does this mean that you're saying one is not a good woman if you had a child out of wedlock?



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