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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dash New York has launched: Kardashian and Fashion News!

It seems everything the K-Sister's touch turns platinum, so its no surprise that they now have another successful event to add to their list!  The business savvy Kardashian sisters hosted their launch party for their brand new Dash New York Store on November 3rd.  This is the 3rd Dash store for the Kardashian sisters and its sure to be a Big Hit in the Big Apple.  I wonder if there are plans in the future to open a store overseas? 

Here are some pics from the red carpet:

They all looked amazing at the launch party.   It would have been nice to see the matriarch, Kris Jenner there as well! 

I plan to make a trip to Dash NYC really soon.  The sisters have amazing style so I'm sure the selection will be uber nice!


  1. How many stores do they have now? Do you also have a clothing line business? It's important for celebrities like them to venture into other fields and find alternative sources of income because being a celebrity is not a permanent thing.

  2. Hi Preston! I believe they have 3 DASH stores now. They have several collaborations with clothing lines. Yes, its def good to build business beyond your celebrity which can come and go. I believe they are making a lot of smart moves.



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