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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

City Bands Kids Toys from Kids Meals

The city of San Francisco has passed an ordinance making it against the law to provide a toy with a kids meal from a fast food chain unless the meal that was ordered is considered healthy. San Francisco considers a healthy kids meal a meal that is under 600 calories. Considering the average preschoolers caloric intake each day according to the USDA should be about 1,200 calories and elementary school-aged kids is about 1,600, its not a unreasonable bill.   Recent study shows that 84% of parents feed their kids fast food at least once a week!  That is alarming!  Growing up in the 80's, my parents prepared the vast majority of our meals in the house.

The fast food bill provides that too many calories= no kids toy. Most fast food chains now offer substitutes for side orders such as fruit cups and substitute milk for soda.  

To see the clip regarding this story on CNN, click here.

What do you think? Do you think its a move in the right direction to stop childhood obesity? Do you think the measure was too drastic? Chime in...


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    You website site looks wonderful by the way. I would like to comment on this topic. I was just talking with the coworker the other day about this. I think it’s ridiculous for San Francisco to pass an ordinance of this nature. When it comes to the fast food industry, I believe in full disclosure in regards to the ingredients and methods used to prepare the food they serve. As far as the ordinance, it takes away the parental responsibility of the food choices for their children. What I mean by that is, even though the companies may give toys with the meals, no child (target age group 2 – 8 years old) walks to McDonalds on their own to order a happy meal. A parent must take them there. Just because a child wants something doesn’t mean they have to have it. The parent must decide whether to give it to them or not. I think instead of focusing on banning toys given with high caloric meals, the issue should be why is a happy meal cheaper than a bag of apples from the grocery store.

  2. Hi Kimmy! I will contact you soon! Yes, I agree. The ingredient in the food should be disclosed bc its more to "eating healthy" then just calories- what's in the food is what's important. I tuned in to talk radio today and a local organic farmer was on and he spoke about this very issue! I tried to call in but couldn't get through. It's an epidemic that needs resolve! Parents should take responsibilty first, not only by feeding their kids nutritious foods but set an example in their eating habits as well. thanks for the post!

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