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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Top 5 Holiday Fitness Tips

Ahhhhh.... the holiday season is upon us! Time for sharing with family, friends and other loved ones. Although I'm sure many of us are looking forward to our traditional or not so traditional dinners, most of us probably have plans to eat a little more than usual and/or partake in a special holiday dish.

Well, whatever your fancy, here are my TOP 5 HOLIDAY FITNESS TIPS to keep in shape over the long holiday weekend:

1. Exercise in the morning! Many gyms and yoga studios have special holiday hours and offer morning classes on Thanksgiving. Take advantage of it and get your metabolism going for the day.

2. Dance with family and friends! Organize a dance contest and engage the whole family at your holiday gathering. After dinner is over, there is no need to hit the couch and watch the game right? Enjoy the family time and create some memories...

3. Karaoke! Yes, singing burns calories and its fun too! Organize a game. Many people have Wii or PlayStation which have this game. Put your heart and soul into it and add some of your signature moves to up the anty and calorie lost!

4. Walk on Black Friday morning! Many malls will be open super early for Black Friday. If you don't mind the crowd, take advantage of this "indoor track" and Walk the Mall! Put your walking shoes on. Who knows, you may get some holiday shopping in as well!

5. Meditate! While this is not an active activity, don't sleep on its benefits! Meditation is great for the Mind, Body and Spirit. The stress from holiday prep can increase your blood pressure and raise levels of anxiety etc. Stress has been linked to extra fat around the belly and there is an increase in cardiovascular attacks during the holidays, not just because of food but also because of increased stress levels! Take a few moments in the morning and at night to meditate and relax you Mind and listen to your Spirit. If you are not familiar with meditation, there are tons of free Guided Meditations available on the net and YouTube. Just Google "free guided meditation".

Whatever you decide to do for the holidays, be sure to do something active!

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namaste... xoxo


  1. Cool tips for fitness. Thanks for sharing dear xoxo

  2. we all need these! thanks for sharing!
    ugh not looking forward to trying to stay in shape! this season is just too good for all the food!!!!



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