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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Immune System Boost! Warm Water, Lemon, Cinnamon and Raw Honey.

I often rant and rave about the Power of Lemons and its benefits as well as Cinnamon and Raw Honey, but I thought I would address this again, since the cold months are coming upon us.

In the fall and winter months, I up the ante on my Warm Water and Lemon Drink and add Cinnamon and Honey to it. This combination will boost your immune system and fight sickness. Its really great to drink this all year round, but definitely in the cold months during Cold and Flu Season.


Water -- our bodies are anywhere from 55% to 78% water, depending on body size and brain tissue is said to consist of 85% water. Need I say more? We need WATER to survive. A simple equation you can use to see how much water you need each day for optimal hydration is:

Your body weight

So if you weight 150pds: 150lbs / 2.2 = 68.9 /8oz = 8.5 glasses of water a day.

For dry climate:  add + 16 oz.

For strenuous exercise:  add + 16 oz.

Lemons-- Controls your blood sugar level! This is especially good for diabetics, pre-diabetics and those looking to take preventive measure to prevent diabetes.

Cinnamon-- Stabilizes insulin levels, lowers the amount of bad cholesterol, (Great for diabetics/pre-diabetics.)

Raw Honey-- Proven to boost the immune system and helps to protect against the flu and cold as a PREVENTIVE measure. Also useful in regulating blood pressure and fighting disease of the heart.

Can I get honest for a moment here? I HAVE NOT BEEN SICK WITH A COLD OR THE FLU (maybe minor sniffles that last a day or two) IN OVER 10 YEARS! I attribute that to more then just "good immune system genes" but to the preventive daily measure that I take to protect my body against disease.

BONUS: Not only will all of these aid in boosting your immune system, they all play a role in weight control and some have credited this combination to weight lose as well! (Of course the latter statement is true coupled with a balanced diet and exercise.) 


  1. Immune systems working properly by providing us with protection from infections and disease. Fish, poultry, lean meat, low-fat dairy products, cereals and legumes are all good sources of minerals. Foods such as cheese, eggs or liver, which supply vitamin A, and spinach, sweet potatoes or carrots, which are good sources of beta carotene, should also be eaten daily. Try to ensure that fruit and vegetables in particular are consumed as soon as possible after picking. Research has shown that they start to lose their vitamin content very quickly, and if left too long will have no nutritional value at all. Cooking for too long will also diminish their nutritional content.



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