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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

False Lashes without the fuss?... try Ready to Wear Lash Extensions

I absolutely love this picture of Christina Milian. Make-up and hair are flawless! The best part of her look, to me is her lashes! I believes Eyes are the gateway to our souls, eyebrows are the gatekeeps so that makes our eyelashes the gate!

BRIEF EYELASH HISTORY: In ancient Egyptian times, Egyptians lined their eyes with kohl and used mascara to deepen their lashes. Because eyes were believed to be the windows of the soul, they concealed their eyes to protect them from any evil spirits (the evil eye) and bad energy. In addition, it's also said that it was applied to protect the eyes from sand, bugs and dust and for vanity and seductive purposes. Egyptian women concealed their lashes with kohl, water, crocodile dung and honey.
Since ancient times, women have been fixated on the appearance of their eyelashes.

Whether you were blessed with long, curly, luscious lashes or if you need a little bit of a boost, I would suggest giving Ready to Wear Lash Extensions a world if you don't want to try the false lashes, which from personal experience, if not done properly, can really damage your real lashes! I've lost a few lashes trying to glue false ones on! So if you are not a professional, I would suggest trying this as it comes off easily with no fuss!

I was introduced to this amazing product by my beautiful cousin and gorgeous Aunt (hi family!). Once they started using the product, I noticed their lashes right away-- it looked absolutely amazing on them, so I had to find out what they were using. Of course, ladies in families always share their beauty secrets amongst each other... so hopefully I won't be "disenfranchised" for sharing this info ;)

The application process is pretty simple:

How to Apply Ready to Wear Lash Extensions--

STEP 1: Start with clean eyes. Prep your eye area by applying either jojoba oil or almond oil (MY SECRET.. shhhhhh) around the eye area. As a preventive regiment, continued use of either oil really helps to maintain a youthful eye free of wrinkles, provides excellent care to the delicate skin around the eyes and provides excellent condition to the eyelashes.

STEP 2: Apply one coat of your favorite mascara, or the Ready to Wear Mascara to lashes. DO ONE EYE AT A TIME SO MASCARA DOES NOT DRY.

STEP 3: Apply one coat of the Ready to Wear fibers to lashes.

Repeat STEPS 2 and 3 until lash fullness is achieved. Repeat all steps on other eye. May be used on lower lashes as well for a more dramatic effect.

TIP: Instead of using a eye make-up remover (which may contain alcohol and may be drying to the eye), you may remove your eye make-up (waterproof included) with Almond oil or Jojoba oil! Take a small amount of either oil to your fingertip and rub gently on the eye area. Once eye make-up has become lose, remove make-up with a cotton ball.


  1. Ha! I will DEFINITELY have to gives this product a try. I currently use strip lash extensions (which go from the middle to the outer parts of the eye) on clients. Thanks!

  2. This product really is false eyelashes in a bottle. I've used it myself and can only recommend it. Thanks for the tip Sharron!

    Jane del Mar



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