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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Desert Essence: Re-launch... Best natural face wash

Desert Essence has been a leader in the natural beauty industry for 38 years. With such amazing products its no wonder they have stayed afloat, and continue so  strong. My favorite Desert Essence product is the Thoroughly Clean Face Wash- Original. It cleans my face wonderfully, without over drying. My skin has the perfect balance after use. The face wash is all natural, and some of the ingredients include tea tree oil, awapuhi plant and soothing chamomile.  I;ve been using tis for about 10 months... Prior to this I spent TONS of $$$ on expensive face washes and in my opinion, none of them compare to Desert Essence.  Let me know if you try it or if you use it and your reviews/thoughts on this product. I'm sure others must love it, if they are the #1 selling face wash... xoxo

If you have dry and/or sensitive skin, you should probably try Gentle Nourishing Organic Cleanser.


  1. I will have to give the cleansers a try. I already use the Desert Essence JoJoba Oil - it's great if you have dry itchy scalp & also is a good tool for removing makeup - especially for those with dry skin.

  2. Great Keisha! Yes, I have really seen a difference in my skin since I started using the cleanser. I use a tad of jojoba oil mixed with my sunblock (I have oily skin) on my face as well. However, specifically, I use it to remove eye make-up. Thanks for the tip!

  3. I'd love to try this! trying to make sure that most of my beauty stuff is pretty natural :)


  4. let me know what you think of it... :)

  5. Where did you get this? I am curious to try it out

  6. @Khadija- I get this from the Vitamin Shoppe. They sell the small size and they also sell the refill size which is 4 times as big as the small size for apx. $12. I just purchase the refill size and fill up the smaller bottle.

  7. I am going to go out and get this product on my way home from work today. I need a good face wash. I'll let you know how I like it.

  8. @KarenVB - wonderful! Let me know how you like it. :)



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