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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Top 3 Outdoor Exersice Activities for Autumn

I HEART the weather in September on the East Coast! Warm days & cool nights... I'm really enjoying the weather this month and hope you are getting out and enjoying it as well! If your on the East Coast in the US like I am, God has blessed us with some amazing weather right now so take advantage of it! Rise early and enjoy the morning or shorten your workday and enjoy in the evening. Whatever your fancy, just do it....

Fall is just around the corner.... Here are my personal top 3 Autumn outdoor aerobic activities....

#1. Cycling! Not only is cycling a ton of fun either by yourself, with your mate, a group of friends, or family, its low impact and one of the best all around aerobic exercise and heart healthy exercises. Cycling had been proven to boost your metabolism, improve balance and coordinator (be sure to engage your core while riding), and is one of the best exercises to shed stubborn flabby abs (...yes)!
In addition, cycling is a great way to explore new places and covers more territory then walking. You can find local nature trails and meet fellow cyclist while on your travels. AND cycling is GREEN as it does not let out harmful chemicals into the air.
TIP: Dress warm for an evening ride, get cycling gloves to protect your soft hands and be sure to take a scarf if you don't like your neck being cold like me! Plus a scarf while riding is uber chic... ;)

Me, preparing to cycle at a local trail!

#2. Hiking! This is a great way to explore nature! With the seasons changing, many of the pesky summer bugs (mosquitos, biting flies, stink bugs) are dying off so you have more freedom without worrying about "random bites". :) Hiking is great for overall body wellness as it engages you legs, thighs, core and arms for full body aerobic fun. In addition, you get a good dose of fresh air at a different altitude. Taking breaks while hiking is a great time to gain serenity and find a quite place for a brief meditation!
Check your local Craigslist or magazine websites as many will post guided hiking trips right in your neck of the woods. Hiking groups are good so you never have to hike alone and provide a great way to meet people who share similar interest as you.
TIP: For optimal safety, Never hike alone, take water and some nuts, dress in layers and bring back souvenirs! As a child, my parents would take us on "nature walks" and we would collect the most beautiful leaves and rocks! We would glue the leaves to boxes, along with other crafty things and paint the rocks with faces! My nature projects have since graduated to more elaborate crafts, but it makes great Autumn Home Decor.

#3. Walking! Always a classic exercise, walking is your body's natural form of exercise! It's safe, simple, requires no equipment, is good for your heart, encourages healthy digestion and is a great full body aerobic activity. Walking is beneficial at a slow pace or ay a fast pace. It really gets gets blood flowing. Walking helps to lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol, improve your mood and gets your adrenaline going. If done in the morning. It sets the pave for your day and in the evening, it encourages good sound sleep.
TIP: Wear light colored clothing or clothing with a reflector so motorist can see you. The days are getting shorter and you don't want to underestimate the sunset and be out walking in the dark unprotected.

BONUS: This is a BONUS for me as I haven't done this yet and I really want to! Has anyone been....... Canoeing/Kayaking?! I really want to try it, but haven't built up the nerve yet for it!!!! Please encourage me.... :)


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