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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

5 Tips on How to Avoid Excess Belly Fat

It's that time of year again! The huge celebrations and tons of desserts have come to an end.   Reflecting anyone?  Did you splurge more then normal?  Do you feel like you need to move that button over? Well... before you start to alter your clothes, try altering a few things in your diet to shrink that excess belly fat! Processed sugar and table salt are big culprits that aid in the retention of water and weight around the mid section.  Here are a few tips to shrink current belly fat and to AVOID excess belly fat in the future.

1.  Do Skip the Dessert and Kick the sugar habit! This is easier said then done for many people as sugar and sweets can be quite addictive.  Your best bet is to cut out the sweets and processed sugar cold turkey! Go through the withdrawal period then add healthy options back into your lifestyle in place of your sweet cravings.  Take back the control of your body and give it what it needs as opposed to what it wants! 

2. Eat a balanced meal.  Don't load up on bad carbohydrates because the body turns carbs into sugar, adding to belly fat. Carbohydrate means "carbon + water".  While carbohydrate is an essential nutrient, instead of loading up on carbs such as white pasta, bread and processed potatoes, try subbing in whole grains, and fresh (not canned) raw or steamed veggies.

3. Do Drink a cup of warm water with lemon, honey and cinnamon in the mornings!  (add Cayenne Pepper to it for a boost and to speed up metabolism).  This daily detox drink is great and aids in digestion,  provides an alkaline environment and provides an optimal pH level for your digestive track.

4. Don't skip the Beans!  Beans and other Legumes are great for your heart, the more you eat the more you..... as the old saying goes.  :)   There was some truth in it!  Beans and other legumes have no cholesterol and are rich in fiber which help to keep your digestive track regular.

5.  Avoid Highly Processed Foods.  Processes food are just that.. processed!  The "process" that processed foods go through strips them of the important nutrients that are crucial for our body to function properly.  Have you ever eaten fast food, canned food or frozen food and just feel full and not satisfied?  Well, that's probably because its just a temporary fix to satisfy hunger but eating these foods do not provide our body with the nutrients that it needs!  Substitute the processed foods for fresh, organic foods as often as possible!

You are on your way dolls!  ...I hope this was helpful!

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