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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dye Hair Naturally with Indigo, Take II

Hello Everyone....

I just wanted to post a quick update regarding my new found infinite love for dying my hair naturally with INDIGO.  My hair is already dark brown, but the Indigo transformers my locks into a rich black, which I love!  In the summer, I enjoy using just henna (Click here for my Henna process) which gives my hair red highlights, but I love the rich black luscious hair results with indigo for the winter.  This is the 2nd time that I've dyed my hair naturally using Henna and Indigo and I have nothing but good things to say about the process.   I am pretty much a pro now, (tooting my own horn, "beep-beep") so there is no messy clean up anymore!  To check out my complete 2 Step Process on How to Dye Hair Naturally using Henna and Indigo, Click Here.

Do you Henna?  Do you Indigo?


  1. Quick Henna/ Indigo questions for you:

    1) How long after dying with Henna/ Indigo should I wait to do another?
    2) When actually dying again, does the Henna turn the indigo/black hair red again... then Indigo darkens it once more? Trying to understand how it works. I dyed using Reshma Henna then Indigo and I LOVE my hair. I know some people have said that doing this process a few times intially generates better results, but I just don't want to be counterproductive with Henna lightening the Indigo.

    I hope these questions make sense...


  2. Hi Chameleon Moon- this definitely makes sense. To answer your questions...
    1) It depends. If you notice that your indigo is beginning to fade, then you can do another treatment. It depends on the frequency of washes to your hair as well as how wellthe indigo bonds to your hair. My expereince was after 6 weeks, it was still vibrant, but I just decided to do it again to match my new roots. Check out this link.. http://www.mehandi.com/shop/hairindigo/black.pdf
    2) When you do it again, yes, the henna will reflect some of the reddish tones again, but once you put the indigo in again, it will be black again. If you decide to just to henna and not indigo, the henna will have some of the reddish tones, but they should be deeper then the first time aroud. The best thing is to do a strand test to test to see what the color will look like. Save some of the hair from your hair brush from the week before to do the strand test.

    Hope this was helpful!

  3. It sure was...i'll keep you posted.

    Thanks for your wonderful help!



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