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Monday, January 10, 2011

The "Raw" Truth FREE Webinar!

Hi lovelies!

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend!  I had a very eventful weekend and have some exciting things to post this week based on my weekend so be sure to follow my blog or check back often to catch the action!

Anyway, to all of my fellow raw foodies, vegetarians, vegans, natural eaters, those interested in adopting this lifestyle etc., while at the Vitamin Shoppe today, I purchased some Vitamins by Vitamin Code, made by Garden of Life and grabbed a flyer that was at the register.  I just wanted to share with you that there will be an exciting:

on the "Raw" Truth
this Tuesday January 11, 2011
from 7:00-8:00pm
hosted by Mr. Jordan Rubin, founder of Garden of Life

He will touch on living a raw foods lifestyle, benefits of consuming raw and natural foods, which supplements best compliment a raw food lifestyle and much more! 

I am really excited, am registered and will participate!  It's always good to get as much info as you can, soak it up like a sponge and spread the good word to others!  Hope that you will join me in the web-osphere! 


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  1. I have been taking these vitamins since I found out I was pregnant and continue to take them now that I am breastfeeding. I love them because they don't smell bad, are easy to swallow, and kept me healthy throughout pregnancy.

    These vitamins come in capsules, which makes them easy to swallow and minimizes the smell greatly. I had serious bouts of nausea during pregnancy, that were exacerbated by odors. I never had trouble taking these vitamins. They also helped with nausea/"morning sickness" in general, making going to work that much easier.



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