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Monday, January 10, 2011

Firm, Lift and Shape Your Butt in 3 Moves!

Quick Fitness Tip:
Hi everyone!  As a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, one of the top questions that I've been getting lately from my clients and potential clients is how to tighten, lift and tone their butt.  Could it be all the attention placed on the Beyonce, J-Lo and Kim Kardashian butt in the last few years?  Well, the key to toned, lifted buns is variety in your regiment!  The buns are complex, made up of 3 key muscles, the Maximus (top/major ), Meduis (middle/side) and Minimus (bottom). Whether you are a Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced levels, I've put together 3 easy moves to Firm, Lift and Shape your butt!

MOVE #1:  Reverse Lunge
Stand with legs hip width apart, arms at your side.
Reach one foot behind you like you are taking the first step if walking backwards and drop your knee, parallel to your arms. (Really reach back with this to ensure good extension)
Bring that leg back to the start position, pushing off with the heel of the opposite leg (this is the secret!). Repeat the same movement with your opposite leg. Be sure to keep your back firmly upright and straight throughout this exercise.

MOVE #2:  Squat, Reach and Kick
Begin standing with legs hip width apart.
Squat down to also touching a "chair" and lift up with weight on your heels.
Come up 3/4 of the way (knees should be slightly bent) and simultaneously extend your arms forward and one leg backward.
Return to the starting position and repeat the same movement, alternating legs.

MOVE #3: Straight Leg Deadlifts
Begin standing with your feet wide apart, your toes pointing out, and your hands clasped together in front of you.
Bend your knees as you bend forward from your hips. Make sure you keep your lower back straight.
Pushing back at the hips and out with the butt, reach back between your legs and stick your butt out and up, until your hamstrings are tight. (Try to bring your knees as close to your chest as possible.)
Slowly stand up straight up, squeezing your butt at all times until you reach your starting position.
Repeat this movement.
The key is to use your butt muscles and hamstrings to carry out the move as opposed to your lower back.
All of these moves can be done without additional weights. If you feel over time they get rather easy, ADVANCED LEVELS can add hand weights in each hand to increase intensity.

In addition to these 3 Great moves, you can also incorporate hills and valleys on the treadmill.  Make sure that when you walk the hills, you engage your core muscles and walk with your hips thrust forward and maintain strong legs.

ALSO....Why not have great legs to go with those great buns right?  Check back soon for my posting on how to incorporate hills and valleys into your cardio workout and how to achieve beach ready legs in 3 moves!

ALSO:  I will be posting a tutorial of these 3 moves on my YouTube/theRoseofSharron page really soon!  Please check back soon or subscribe to my YouTube page for notifications!



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