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Monday, January 3, 2011

Nars Amazon Lip Liner and Mac Ruby Woo Lipstick Review

Hi Dolls!

This post is for the ladies and for the men that want their woman to have sexy Red Lips! (Fellas- Trust me, we won't get mad at you if you step outside the box and pick up a nice red shade for us, with some red shoes to match  :) ... especially with Valentine' s Day not to far away!  Even if you get the wrong shade, its the thought that counts...)  I digress.....

Now.. I must admit, I have NEVER been a fan of Red Lipstick on me.  I'm more of a neutral lip color sort of woman.  My sisters pull off red lips beautifully, but for me, I've been over it since my high school days.  In addition, red lipstick always reminds me of the bad fashion choices from the 80's that carried over to the 90's that got lost in transition.  Perhaps because I never attempted to find my right red shade?  who knows... I digress again....

I must say that I was recently blown away! 
YES!?  Could it be, will Red work on me?

I recently ventured out to Sephora and Mac, and here's my take (thanks to the lovely ladies at Sephora!)
Ruby Woo by Mac is a beautiful Matte color (think Marlyn Monroe's matte red lip color) with an orangey-red base and it worked great on me, thanks to the help from the excellent "Red Lip Expert" at Sephora! I have a yellow undertone in my skin.  If you have a Warm Skintone (yellow undertones) like me, then Red Lipstick with Orangey reds, Warm reds, Tomato reds, Brown based reds, Golden reds, Tawny reds will probably work best on you.  If you have Cool Skin Tones (pink undertones) then pink tones of red, Berry Reds, Blackberry Reds, Brick Reds, Blue tones of Red and Plum tones will probably work good on you.  (thanks Sephora ladies!)

Amazon Pencil Lip Liner by Nars,  was the perfect complement to the Mac Ruby Woo.   If you have difficulty getting this MAC color, try Jungle Red by Nars.  Its almost the exact same color!

Here is a pic with me wearing Mac Ruby Woo Matte Lipstick, Amazon Lip Liner by Nars and some red shoes, of course:

What do you think?

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