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Thursday, January 27, 2011

How Healthy Are You? 5 INSTANT Health Test

Amidst all of the health and beauty products out there to improve your health and looks, it can be a bit overwhelming.  Sometimes its good to get BACK TO THE BASICS and pay attention to what your body is telling you.  I am a huge believer in "listening to your body".  Our body can't talk so it communicates with us through physical manifestations such as pain, discomfort, scarring, dry skin, brittle nails, weak muscles etc. to get our attention, let us know that something may not be right, is off balance or it needs help!  Listen to what your body is saying and pay attention to the signs it gives you. 

Below are a few ways that I would suggest to check and see how healthy you are, INSTANTLY:

1.  TEST YOUR FLEXIBILITY.  As a personal trainer, this is part of the "Fit Test" that I perform on my clients to test their flexibility.  You can do this yourself!  Test your flexibility with a simple flexibility sit and reach test.  Sit on the floor with toes pointed towards the ceiling and reach for your toes.  If you can reach your big toe or beyond, you are flexible.  If you have trouble, you may want to incorporate daily stretching or yoga into your routine.

2. CHECK FOR TOXIC FAT.  One of the worst kinds of fat is visceral fat that deposit and builds up around your mid section.  This fat covers your vital organs such as your kidney's and liver and excessive fat in this area has been link to heart disease and many other fatal diseases.  Even if you are thin and have excess fat in this area, it is still problematic.  When you rise in the morning, lay on the floor and hold in your abdomen.  If there is a "pregnant" bulge and you are not pregnant, you may want to take the steps to reduce the bulge.  Check out my recent post on 5 Tips to Avoid Excess Belly Fat for tips on how to keep belly fat at bay.  

3. CHECK FOR DRY SKIN.  Check your skin often for dry patches of skin. If your skin is dry in more then on area in a patch, your body could be telling you that you are lacking and not getting enough internal or topical moisture.  Try taking fish oil tables orally or using jojoba oil on the dry skin.  Jojoba oil mimics the natural oils that are produced by our bodies so it will not leave your skin greasy, just deeply moisturized. (Of course eczema is a more serious and you should seek medical attention.)

4. MONITOR YOUR BREATHING.  In Bikram Yoga, we are taught to breath during the entire class in and out of your nose and not your mouth.  This can be a bit of a task for many to adjust to if you are used to breathing in and out of your mouth.  Breathing in and out of your mouth is an evolutionary response to stress.  Practice breathing in and out of your nose only.   Take note of when you begin to breath in and out of your mouth.  Is it during a stressful situation?  Consciously make the effort to breath in and out of your nose as it will lower your heart rate and relax blood vessels.

5. CHECK SKIN FOR BREAKOUTS.  Acne usually does not show an immediate response and can be in response to several issues.  Stress and candida overgrowth are just a couple ways to trigger inbalance in your body. Whatever the cause, acne or breakouts its your body's way of telling you that something is not right.   If you experience stress related breakouts, try reducing your stress by meditating and not taking on negativity from others.  Deal with situations when they arise and find ways to release stress to avoid breakouts.  If you experience candida realted breakouts, you may want to cut back on certain foods.  (I will post soon regarding candida overgrowth and how to eliminate candida overgrowth in your intestial track.)


I hope this was helpful!  Remember, listen to your body and care for your temple!

Please note I am not a doctor and none of this should be taken as medical advice.  This is simply information.  If you have major concerns, as always, seek the help of your holistic doctor or a physician.

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