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Monday, January 31, 2011

Vitamin Code Raw Prenatal Vitamins by Garden of Life: Good or Hype?

Garden of Life - Raw Prenatal, 90 capsules

Vitamin Code RAW Prenatal Vitamin Review

Hola!  We all know the importance of taking a multi-vitamin right?  I encourage my friends and family to take a multi-vitamin, but was not consistent myself. I must say, I was NEVER a pill popper or one of those people who consistently took a multi-vitamin.  I also felt that I ate healthy so there was no need right?  Well not entirely... read on...  

Well, now that being over 30 has finally settled into my consciousness :) ... I decided to start the search for a good multi-vitamin.   For me, the process was a bit of a process!  I knew I couldn't just walk into the store and grab the first pretty pink bottle I saw. No, I had a list of wants in my multi vitamin.  Here are a few things that were on my list:

Vitamin MUST:
1. No gelatin capsules made from pork.  Must have Vegetarian capsules.
2. My food is Organic-- my vitamin needs to be also!
3. A large percentage of the veggies I eat are Raw, so why not get that from my vitamin?
4.  Dairy Free
5.  Not chemically derived. 
6.  Support healthy hair, skin and nails so nice amount of Folic Acid and Biotin
7.  Have a high synthesis rate.  (Most vitamin don't synthesis in your body so you don't get all of nutrients it claims.)

After a long search, I found that Vitamin Code RAW Prenatal Vitamin was the perfect fit for me!   The company states that the vitamins are uncooked, untreated and unadulterated, with no binders or fillers, no soy allergens and always dairy-free and gluten-free.  I opted for the Raw Prenatal Vitamin because it has extra Folic Acid which is good for building strong hair and nails... something we all want right?

For me, this Vitamin is an EPIC WIN!

If you are in the market for a multi-vitamin, I would DEFINELY suggest that you give this vitamin a try!  It truly is amazing.  I've been taking this for about a month so far and I feel great!  I love the extra boost that it gives me and it gives me that confidence that I always have the nutrients I need on a daily basis.

Vitamin Code also has a Men's Multivitamin, a regular Women's Multivitamin as well as several other products!

So far I have recommended this to my cousin and my sister-in-law.  They are just as excited about these vitamins as me.

Have you tried?  Would you try?  Do you have a multi-vitamin?  


  1. Hi Rose;-) I am taking the Garden of Life Living Multivitamin. Just started them today! I chose the Living Multi due to my sensitivity to higher doses of iron. It still has tons of "the good stuff" lol! I will post how I like them in a couple of weeks. I am looking forward to awesome results!

  2. @theseetlife -- that is wonderful! yes, please do come back and let me know how you like them. It does have GREAT stuff :)

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