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Monday, October 4, 2010

Homemade Chipotle Burrito Bowl

Happy Mooonday dolls! Hope your weekend was awesome. I attended an amazing seminar this weekend.. all day Saturday and Sunday. My weekend flew by!

Well... anyway...Who says you can't DIY a Chipotle style burritos bowl at home? It's a great quick lunch or dinner... here is what you need and what you need to do!

Vegetable Burrito Bowl:

What you need:
Organic, local Romaine lettuce, cleaned and washed
1 can of organic, low/no sodium black beans
Fresh pico de gallo (store bought from Trader Joe's or Whole Foods or homemade)
Organic cheese
Homemade taco seasoning blend or store bought blend that is low sodium
Fresh guacamole (Whole Foods or Trader Joe's have a great one)

What to do:
In a saucepan, heat black beans on medium heat and add taco seasoning to your desired taste. Thoroughly clean Romaine lettuce (I do an Apple cider vinegar rinse), pat dry, roll and slice for shredded lettuce style. Then place lettuce in bowl, top with black beans, then pico de gallo, scoop of guacamole, and finally cheese... and your done!

BONUS: Add one tablespoon of flax seed oil to black beans.

*If preparing for on the go for the office, bag each ingredients separately, repeat beans when ready to eat then stack all ingredients we referenced above!

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