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Monday, October 25, 2010

To Mac Blush or not to Mac Blush?

Hey dolls..

Now, I am a self-proclaimed natural girl.. natural hair, organic eating, vegan in training, natural skin care product junkie.. the works.. HOWEVER.. I have yet to fully convert to Organic and Natural makeup.  :/  I'm sorry!  I just love make-up wayyyy to much! I love getting glammed up!  I'm a huge fan of gorgeous eyes, natural hued lips and feminine gleaming cheeks!  That is why I am a sucker for Mac Blush. They have so many colors that range from bold and beautiful to soft and chic.. what more could a girl ask for!  

I recently purchased Gingerly Blush by Mac:

 Powder Blush

Its the perfect blend of rose and peach and is great for the fall! Lately, I've been wearing it everyday to transition from my summer bronzers.  As a tip, I've been applying a light coat of my FAVORITE summer bronzer and topping it with my Gingerly Blush to achieve the perfect "season transition" glow!   Mac also has a great line of Mineralized blushes and I am dying to try... soon.. very soon...

Here's a pic with Gingerly.. very faint and believable.. you can sort of see it in this pic!


  1. Looks lovely! i'm way too much of a makeup fiend/bright colors girl to narrow my makeup to only natural stuff, lol. For my hair? mostly...for my makeup? whatever looks good i say!


  2. @socialitedreams--- thanks!!!! Yes... I loooove makeup-- its my vice. :).... well you never know, the natural hair care industry took flight with tons of products over the last 10years, so the natural makeup industry may not be too far behind! Definitely something for us to watch or get in to ;)

  3. I am so excited to get into MAC blushes! Thanks for the tip. I used to LOVE LOVE LOVE blush years ago and it is sooo back in style now and I am too happy! I love MAC so I am going to check out some of their blushes

  4. @Christina T.- I'm glad you are getting into blush again! Blush is a great way to brighten your face... there are so many amazing color to try, so happy hunting! Be sure to share your picks!



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