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Sunday, October 17, 2010

ORGANIC and 100% Natural Hair Remover by Moom!

I must admit.. I was skeptic at first.  Not because I thought it wouldn't work, but because I wasn't sure if I could inflict pain on myself!  Now I've tried an at home waxing kit before.. another natural one actually, which worked super well-- however, the wax was on pre-treated strips.  I found this super cool  Organic waxing kit at my local Ulta...  It has all natural and organic ingredients and came with reusable strips.  The waxing kit was housed in a pretty package. The ingredients consisted of Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Lemon Juice, Organic Chamomile, Organic Lavender and Water. I contemplated... Will it really work? I took one look at my neglected post-summer legs, and decided to just purchase it and give it a world.  After all, it was all natural and organic!  

Well, today I decided to try the organic waxing... yippie!  I followed the instructions to the T... Heat for 10 seconds in microwave or in a pot of hot water, apply organic wax to legs, and then.. let it rip!  Well, it took me about 30 minutes to do both legs and I must say... WOW... great results!  My legs are super smooth... much better then any razor!  The pain I dreaded only lasted for about 3 seconds after each rip...ahhh the price of beauty right  :) The true test now is to see how long the hair will stay gone.  The claim by Moom.com  is that the you will experience hair free legs for 8 weeks....   that remains to be seen. I'll have an update for you on this.  But for right now my legs are super smooth, nick free, cut free, bump free and super mositurized..... this gets 5 STARS for me! I'm very pleased. Wish I had this product this summer... this will be a staple in my regiment next summer, provided it holds true to its claim, or at least close to it!  (I'm sure it will as my hair came out from the root!!!)

oh..  the best part?  The kit was only $16.99 and the strips are reusable, just wash with warm water.  I think the refil bottle was about $13.00  great deal for what you get!

later dolls... xoxo 

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