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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Top 5 Styles for Curly Hair: NO HEAT

Thandie Newton

Curly is the new straight!  Or at least for me... :)  Right now I have a personal challenge to NOT straighten my curly hair for 3 months!  I'm 6 weeks into my personal challenge and I am really embracing my curls and the versatile fabulous styles!  If you've read any of my previous post regarding my hair, my last relaxer/perm was in January 2009.  I decided against the "Big Chop", and transitioned to natural hair by gradually cutting my relaxed ends over the last year and a half.  Now, my hair is fully all natural...full...curly and I'm loving it!  Below are my top 5 styles for curly hair and/or natural hair-- NO HEAT required!

1. Curlformers!  I have been doing this for about a month and am in love with this style. Its super easy, super quick and yields amazing results.   The cost for the curlformers starter kit is apx. $60 at http://www.curlformers.com/ and at Sally's Beauty Supply. 

2. Twist out!   This style is really easy to achieve as well.  I simply wash and/or co-wash and deep condition my hair then divide my WET hair into sections and twist each section.  To give it body and definition, I pin curl the twist.  Once my hair is dry, I take it down and viola!  Fabulous style!

3. Bun -- Low, Side or High!  This usually occurs around "day 4" after wearing any of the other styles mentioned or simply right after a fresh wash.  Either way, the bun is one of my favorites.  It is so versatile.  I do (1) a loose, high bun in the top center of my head, (2) a structured smooth bun in the top center of my head, (2) a smooth bun with all my hair pinned to one side, (4) a loose side bun with pieces hanging in the front and sides... you get the point! There are so many options.

4. Braid out!  Really just as simple as the twist out.  Only difference is you will achieve a different curl pattern.  The braid out gives a more crinkled pattern where the twist out yields a more wavy pattern.

5. and last but not least.. the classic... Wash and Go!  This is not always as "simple" as it sounds, as most of you know, it takes some manipulation and the right product combination to achieve the perfect "Wash and Go".  You need to make sure the MOP is maintained throughout the day.  I usually put oil and a other products as well as an anti-frizz to keep the mane tame!  I will post soon on some of my favorite products!

I never realized how many style options I would have with natural hair.  When I was relaxed, I only wore my hair in limiting styles... part in the middle with flowing curls or straight hair.  Now that I am natural, I've experimented with sooo many styles.  A coworker told me on yesterday that she loves all the ways that I wear my hair! Guess it did not go unnoticed!

BONUS STYLE:  .. ok.. I know I said 5, but I can't forget my old faithful RollerSet with NO HEAT! this does take a while to dry, so you have to dedicate some time to it.  I don't do this as much unless I plan to be in the house for several hours as the rollers can be a bit uncomfortable to sleep in.

REMEMBER, curly hair loves moisture, so be sure to keep your tresses well moisturized regardless of the style you chose...

What's your top curly style?  do share... :)

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