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Monday, October 4, 2010

How to Avoid Muscle Atrophy

I'm sure everyone had been there... start working out... fall off... start again, muscle pain, fall of again... and so in. Well, this vicious cycle should be avoided! We should try to do some form of physical exercise each day, to challenge ourselves. Three are so many benefits of daily exercise from cardiovascular health, decrease in blood pressure, strong bonus to avoidance of disuse muscle atrophy over time.

What is muscle atrophy?
In short, it is the deterioration of muscle tissue and occurs when muscles are not in use. It can happen a lot quicker than you think! Years of a desk job, a 'couch potatoes' lifestyle, and no exercise, its easy to fall victim to this. This is the most common form of atrophy and is commonly referred to as disuse atrophy.


How do you treat muscle atrophy?
The good news about us is that atrophy is reversible and muscle tissues can be repaired or strengthened. The best way to treat disuse muscle atrophy is with (1.) exercise involving endurance and strength training; (2.) nutrition and (3.) a determined mind! Avoiding muscle atrophy is as easy as taking a walk each day, biking, lifting free weights... don't be afraid to challenge our body. If you are unsure of your fitness level, consult with a certified personal fitness trainer and your physicians to determine what a comfortable starting point is for you.

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