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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Organic Amla Powder: Face and Hair

UPDATE: I recently purchased some ORGANIC Amla Powder from HennaSooq! Right away, I was able to tell the difference in the Organic Amla! It was really amazing. It was a lot thicker and more rich.  If you saw my previous post on How to Apply Amla as a Face Mask you will see how I suggest to mix it. One update to that is, to mix HOT water to the amla, let it cool and then apply as normal. 

In addition, I also purchased some Organic Henna as well from HennaSooq.  I just mixed and applied it today, and quite honestly, I could tell the difference in the henna as soon as I openned the packed.  When I muxed it, the texture was very smooth. I was quite pleased!  The results remain to be seen.. its actually in my hair now as we speak! I will post an update on the results on tomorrow.  ttyl dolls!

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